Political Fund - Making a bigger difference for members

The NASUWT is a non-party-political organisation. However, we know that politics and political decisions affect the lives of teachers - our members. It is just one of the reasons the NASUWT has a Political Fund.

By law, the NASUWT is required to ballot members every ten years on whether to retain the Political Fund. A ballot was conducted in 2019 and the result was overwhelmingly in favour of retaining the Political Fund. A full copy of the ballot declaration is available on the right/below. 

Result Number of votes %age of valid vote
Yes 14,128 95
No 745 5
Number of eligible voters 224,023
Total number of votes cast  14,885
Turnout 6.6%
Number of votes found to be invalid 12
Total number of valid votes to be counted 14,873

What is the Political Fund?

The NASUWT Political Fund is important to the work of the NASUWT.

As a trade union, we are required by law to have a Political Fund in order to be able to campaign, within the law, on issues that affect the pay and conditions of service of teachers.

The NASUWT Political Fund is not used to pay an affiliation fee or to donate financially to any political party. The NASUWT is an independent trade union and is not party-political.

The NASUWT Political Fund enables the Union to:

  • lobby for changes to legislation on matters affecting the working lives of teachers;
  • publicise the views of NASUWT members to politicians in Government and opposition parties.

Every ten years, the NASUWT will ballot members to ask them to say whether the Union should continue to have a Political Fund.

Without a Political Fund, there is a lot the Union could not do to represent the views of members to Government, other politicians and the general public.

The NASUWT Political Fund is your guarantee that your Union can use all its influence to secure the policies that members want.

Why should new members “opt in” to the NASUWT Political Fund?

All new members are strongly encouraged to contribute to this fund by opting in. By choosing to opt in, a full-time member paying a full subscription will contribute £1 annually to the NASUWT Political Fund. Members joining the Union during the year will contribute to the fund on a pro rata basis.

The Political Fund enables the NASUWT to:

  • lobby for legislation which is in the interests of teachers;
  • campaign on issues that affect the pay and conditions of teachers;
  • advocate for members’ trade union rights and teachers’ rights at work;
  • raise awareness of the public and politicians about the Union’s policies and priorities and the concerns of members.

By opting into the Political Fund, members will ensure that the NASUWT can continue to:

  • make an even bigger difference for members;
  • ensure that the voice of members is heard by governments across the UK on the key issues affecting teachers;
  • lobby governments and politicians to change policies or legislation that affect the working lives of teachers;
  • highlight the concerns of teachers to all governments, irrespective of which political party is in power.

Your contributions to the NASUWT Political Fund will not be used to provide financial assistance or support to any political party. Whilst some organisations pay money to affiliate to particular political parties, the NASUWT does not affiliate to any political party. Irrespective of which political party is in power, every penny we collect from our members is used to put teachers first.

You can download an opt-in form on the right/below or you can email our Membership Team.

The NASUWT Political Fund is regulated by the Certification Officer in accordance with the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992.