Retired Members will be contacted by their Retired Members’ Association with information about its activities soon after switching to the RM subscription rate; you can contact your RMA Secretary by logging on to the NASUWT website and going to “My Local Association Secretary”. 

Retiring members can obtain information about their prospective RMA by contacting either the Federation of Retired Members’ Associations Regional Executive Member for their region, or the FRMA Secretary or Development Officer: contact details can be found in Members’ Resources – see the relevant pdf file. Most RMAs also cover the area of several Local Associations – see the list below with the closest fit to your location.      

There are now 34RMAs in the UK with others likely to form. There are fewer than 50 Retired Members resident in the Republic of Ireland or Overseaswho are not served by a local RMA.Such members will be added to the list of centrally attached members and will receive information regularly from the Federation of Retired Members' Associations (FRMA).

The 34 RMAs & their 6 constituent Regions.

North West North East
(Includes North Wales)
Durham & Northumberland
Cumbria Teeside
(Includes Greater Manchester)
Hull & East Riding
(Includes York)
Northern Ireland Yorkshire
(Includes Bradford, Leeds & Sheffield)
(Includes Liverpool & Merseyside)
West Midlands East Midlands 
Birmingham Derbyshire
Coventry & Warwickshire East Anglia
Dudley East Midlands 3 Counties
(Leic., Northants. & Rutland)
Shropshire Lincolnshire
South Wales Nottinghamshire
West Midlands 3 Counties
(North Gloucs., Herefords. & Worcs.)
South West South East
Avon The Chilterns
(Beds., Berks., Bucks., Herts. & Oxon.)
Dorset Essex
Devon & Somerset France +
(Mainland Europe in or near France)
Cornwall Hampshire