The terms and conditions for entry into the NASUWT Recruit a Friend reward scheme are outlined below.

The scheme rewards loyal NASUWT members who recruit their friends and colleagues to join them in the largest teachers’ union in the UK. The rewards take the form of Love2Shop vouchers with incremental rises in the value of the voucher for every member recruited.

  1. The member making the invitation to join the Union must be a fully paid-up member of the NASUWT and have an existing direct debit or other agreed subscription payment method.

  2. The total prize will be made in Love2Shop vouchers, details of which can be found at

  3. To count towards the total reward, the recruited member must:

    1. quote the membership number of the NASUWT member who recruited them;

    2. not already be an existing NASUWT full member;

    3. qualify for NASUWT membership;

    4. agree at the point of joining to pay future subscriptions by direct debit;

    5. be confirmed as a new member of the NASUWT on or before the end of the calendar year;

  4. The recruitment of student teachers does not count towards the rewards.

  5. The Recruit a Friend initiative is intended to incentivise peer-to-peer recruitment in members’ employment or social networks. It is not intended to be used at events, such as new teacher network days, where the NASUWT has a presence in whole or in part specifically for the purposes of recruiting new members.

  6. The total voucher reward will be calculated after the closing date at the end of the calendar year and will be made to the NASUWT recruiter early in the following year.

  7. The total voucher reward will be calculated on the basis that the existing member has successfully recruited friends and colleagues who meet the criteria detailed in item 3 of these terms and conditions.

  8. The rewards accrue as follows:

    1. £10 for the first member;

    2. £15 for the second to fifth member;

    3. £20 for the sixth and subsequent members.

  • For example, an NASUWT member recruiting three new members would receive £40 in Love2Shop vouchers and an NASUWT member recruiting seven new members would receive £110 in Love2Shop vouchers.

  1. Any new full NASUWT member qualifies to take part in this incentive once they have received confirmation of their NASUWT membership number (subject to item 1 of these terms and conditions).

  2. In order to qualify to receive Love2Shop rewards, newly qualified teacher members of the NASUWT must have completed a direct debit instruction to pay the Union their future subscriptions by the end of the calendar year following qualification.