The NASUWT has been making representations to Minister Kirsty Williams on the issues that you have told us are your top concerns about your job, workload, pupil indiscipline and pay. (See the November letter on the right/below.)

The Minister’s response to these issues had been unacceptable and is, in the view of the NASUWT, contemptuous of teachers’ genuine concerns.

The NASUWT lodged a dispute on 4th November 2019 and a meeting with the Minister was requested to seek to resolve the dispute. Regrettably, the Minister has repeatedly failed to engage on the issues of concern being raised by the NASUWT representatives.

For full details of the sequence of subsequent events, please see the January letter on the right/below, including details of how you can report back to the Union in furtherance of our national dispute.

Welsh language versions of the letter and survey are available on the right/below.

Next steps

  1. Members and Workplace Representatives/Contacts will be receiving invitations to attend briefings on the National Trade Dispute and to discuss plans for the ballot for industrial action. The briefings will be spread across Wales, so please make every effort to attend the one closest to you.

  2. As part of our preparation for the ballot, members are asked to complete a short opinion survey. The surveys, which should be completed/returned by Monday 17th February, can be:

    1. completed online in English
    2. completed online in Welsh
    3. downloaded as a hard copy on the right/below.
  3. The NASUWT will continue to press for a meeting with Welsh Government Officials to put forward our proposals to address the concerns of teachers and will also be lobbying AMs about the unacceptable response from the Minister to a national trade dispute lodged by the largest teachers’ union in Wales.

  4. A hotline has been launched for teachers in Wales to report pupil indiscipline - see below.

Pupil indiscipline hotline opens for teachers across Wales

All members can take part in furthering our national dispute with the Welsh Government, particularly in relation to tackling pupil indiscipline, by using our dedicated hotline which opened on Friday 31st January 2020.

In order to gather further evidence on the scale of the problem relating to pupil indiscipline, one of the top concerns of teachers about their job, any teacher in Wales can use the hotline to:

  • report by text or voicemail incidents they have experienced or witnessed;
  • express their views on what they think about pupil indiscipline and, for example, restorative behaviour policies; and
  • report whether they have experienced or witnessed behaviours, for example, where teachers rather than pupils are blamed for pupil indiscipline, whether they feel supported when they experience issues with pupils, or how issues are dealt with when they are reported.

Experiences can be reported anonymously by texting

07860 017657

Teachers have a right to a safe working environment, free from violence and disruption, regardless of whether they work in a mainstream school or specialist setting.

Gathering evidence on the hotline that they are not being afforded that right will enable us to demonstrate to the Welsh Government the scale of unacceptable practices and the need for Ministers to take action to tackle ineffective management of pupil indiscipline.

Please encourage as many teachers as possible to use the hotline.

Please note that the hotline is not an advice line. It is simply a quick and effective way of reporting and collecting experiences.

Any NASUWT members who would like help or assistance on this or any other issue can email the Wales/Cymru National Centre. All contact is confidential.