NASUWT responds to Management Side letter on industrial action in schools

The NASUWT has responded to a letter issued to teachers and principals on 12 May 2017 by Gavin Boyd, Chair of the Management Side of the Teachers’ Negotiating Committee. The letter makes a series of statements on teachers' pay, pensions, workload and the ongoing industrial action being taken by teachers in schools.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union, said:
“Teachers will not be persuaded or intimidated by the fake news presented in the letter issued today by the employers.
“The letter from Gavin Boyd will simply infuriate teachers who are continuing to endure the painful reality of real terms cuts to pay, job insecurity and excessive workload, including as a result of a punitive inspection system.
“Mr Boyd’s letter to teachers and principals cannot hide the facts of the destructive impact of excessive workload on teachers’ lives or that the value of teachers’ pay has fallen by around 20% since 2010.
“It is a pity that employers and ministers have spent their time denying the concerns of teachers.
“The employers should start to devote more of their time to addressing the genuine concerns of teachers rather than peddling misinformation.”
Justin McCamphill, NASUWT National Official Northern Ireland, said:
“Today’s letter only serves to patronise teachers. It offers nothing by way of substance or fact.
“The NASUWT has provided the Management Side and the Department of Education with a clear agenda and way forward which will address the concerns of teachers and enable teachers to focus on teaching and leading and managing teaching and learning.
“The letter issued today is misleading and will do nothing to resolve the concerns of teachers.”