Key workers went from heroes to villains in the space of two years

The Westminster Tory Government is capping your right to strike, where once they clapped your service on their doorsteps.

Instead of listening to your concerns, they are demonstrating their contempt for ordinary working people, who are struggling to prop up our under-funded education service, by fast-tracking further restrictive conditions on our right to strike through the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill.

Following more than a decade of attrition in our education service caused by the failing policies of successive Tory Governments and months of intense pressure across the public sector, they are intensifying their attack on working professionals who have been suffering financially and mentally due to eroded pay, overwork and fragmented services.

Further curtailing our right to strike, on top of existing anti-trade union legislation, will do nothing to fix the crises government’s have created in our education system.

Strikes are the symptom of a problem that will not go away by an attack on working people’s fundamental right to strike to defend their pay, terms and conditions.

This Bill has been hastily concocted and could see teachers forced to cross picket lines or be sacked if they don’t, even if they have voted for legal industrial action.

We pledge to fight it every step of the way.

Email your MP and ask them to do the same.

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