The NASUWT’s Annual Conference is the decision-making body of the Union. The decisions, or resolutions, made by Annual Conference determine the Union's policy.

Local Associations, Federations and the Executive Councils in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales elect representatives to speak and vote on motions debated at Conference to represent the views of local members.

A Conference motion starts its journey at your Local Association. Before it goes to Annual Conference, every member of the NASUWT is given the opportunity to take part in a ballot to choose the 20 motions they consider the most important.

If you are considering submitting a motion to Annual Conference, please contact your Local Association for advice. They will be able to help you with the wording and submission process.

Ten things to consider when thinking about your motion
  1. Address only one topic in each motion.
  2. Be concise – use 150 words or less.
  3. Ensure that the motion is relevant to members throughout the UK.
  4. Consider carefully exactly what action you want the Union to take.
  5. Avoid using text that would be better placed in a speech.
  6. Think about topics for motions that might be relevant to all of the sections:
    1. Education;
    2. Equality;
    3. Health, Safety and Wellbeing;
    4. Pay Pensions and Conditions of Service;
    5. Social, Economic and International; and
    6. Training, Recruitment and Union Organising.
  7. Consider making your motion inclusive of all members/workplaces, e.g. schools and colleges.
  8. Try to identify a topic that will be new to Conference.
  9. Remember that your motion should be engaging so it will resonate with other members in the ballot and at Conference.
  10. Ensure that you have used the formatting conventions including addressing the motion to ‘Conference’.

Motions are subject to the Key Dates for Conference timetable.