We have provide below a Briefing and Good Practice Tips to help Local Associations ensure that their processes surrounding communicating with members are inclusive and enable their members to participate in the democratic processes of the Union.

Local Association Meetings (England)

Local Association Meetings (Northern Ireland)

Local Association Meetings (Scotland)

Local Association Meetings (Wales)

Additional funding

Further to this information, which has been produced to assist Local Associations, the Honorary Treasurer has agreed that the National Union will fund the first all-member mailing of the term to every member for every Local Association that uses the services of the Regional/National Centre to send the mailing where this complies with the need for it to be sent within four weeks of the beginning of term.  

These will also be funded if the template letter is not used and the communication being sent by Local Associations has all the necessary information and schedules meetings within the timescales prescribed by the Rules of the Union and Model Rules for Local Associations with agenda items as necessary to meet the timescales.

Once you have sent this centrally funded mailing, it is vital that you establish a process to send out reminder calling notices and agendas in the timescales specified in the Model Rules for Local Associations.

These would need to go to all workplaces.

A separate process will be needed to ensure that all new members to the Local Association receive the detail sent to members’ homes at the beginning of the autumn term. Suggestions for how this can be done can be found in the briefing documents above.