A message from the General Secretary

Dear Member

The NASUWT is proud to represent teachers and headteachers in schools and colleges throughout the UK.

In a constantly changing educational landscape, the NASUWT is fully committed to the creation of fair, equal and healthy workplaces.

As the NASUWT Representative, you play a crucial role in maintaining and improving working conditions for all members of the school workforce and empowering members to play a full and active part in their union.

The Workplace Reps and Local Officers and Handbook is a key resource for NASUWT Representatives on organising, terms and conditions, equalities, health and safety, and your trade union.

This document signposts additional NASUWT resources, relevant legislation and other useful publications. It is crucial that you consult your Local Association Secretary or National Centre whenever you need advice and support.

I hope that you find this Handbook useful in your work. It is designed as a resource for the NASUWT Workplace Representatives training course, as well as a day-to-day reference manual for NASUWT Representatives.

Further information can be found across the website but, when in doubt, you should always take advice from your Local Association Secretary or National Centre.

My sincere thanks for all your work on behalf of members.


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