The NASUWT provides FREE continuing professional development webinars for our student teachers - who also qualify for FREE membership throughout their training.

Joint TEACH event

For our next exclusive webinar, we’ve teamed up with TeacherToolkit, an extremely popular education blog and resource hub with millions of teachers.

If you’re a student member, look out for your email invitation to join us on 27 March from 10.30am to 12pm, when we’ll be discussing issues such as effective teaching practice and developing your teaching skills.

If you’re a student member and you haven’t yet received one of our registration emails, please email the Conferences and Events Team.

Previous events

Our free spring series took place on 27 February. Each of the four webinars lasted for an hour and focused on a different topic.

Student Teacher Development Day - Working Assertively

This session will explore the key principles of assertive behaviour and help equip you with the tools you need to work more assertively.

Assertiveness is the ability to express yourself and your rights without violating the rights of others. It is appropriately direct, open, and honest communication which is self-enhancing and expressive.

Assertive behaviour is a non-aggressive approach that includes social methods for standing up for oneself in the face of aggressive social criticism, attack or manipulation.

Saturday 27th February, 1 hour from 9.30am

Student Teacher Development Day - Dealing with Trauma in Pupils

Trauma can affect pupils in many different ways, influencing behaviour and learning.

This webinar will provide delegates with information, guidance and practical tips on how to deal with trauma being experienced by the pupils they teach, including Covid-related trauma.

Saturday 27th February, 1 hour from 11am

Student Teacher Development Day - Remote Learning for Student Teachers

The NASUWT has provided advice and guidance for members to undertake remote education in a safe and secure way that also secures the best possible educational experiences for children and young people.

This session will focus on how this impacts student teachers, your rights and the implications for your teacher training.

Saturday 27th February, 1 hour from 12.30pm

Student Teacher Development Day - The Early Career Framework and your NQT Induction

The Early Career Framework introduces a longer induction for newly qualified teachers with additional training and support.

Find out what your induction rights will be and how to make the most of the opportunities that will be available to you.

Saturday 27th February, 1 hour from 2pm

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After you join, you’ll receive your applicant number by email. You can then simply email our Conferences and Events Team with your applicant number and the title and date of the webinar you want to attend and they will email you the appropriate registration link.


I have been to a lot of webinars since lockdown and honestly this has been the most useful and interactive. Thank you!

Behaviour management session was amazing - insight and tips were fantastic.

Really useful session having felt out of touch since lockdown in March! Feeling more confident now - thank you!