Taking Control of your Performance Management/Appraisal

At this time in the term, many members are facing their performance review and planning for the next cycle. 

The NASUWT believes that it is critically important for members to take control of their performance management and to that end has provided a comprehensive guide to the process. This sets out members’ rights and entitlements. 

A key concern of members is the insistence in some schools of setting data-driven targets or objectives. The Teacher Advisory Group on Workload has recently published a helpful report called Making Data Work which is endorsed by the DfE and Ofsted. This challenges the poor practice around using data to judge teachers’ performance. 

Posters which can be displayed on notice boards can be downloaded from the expandable panels on the right/below depending on which device you are using.

The overwhelming majority of teachers now have their performance reviewed on an annual basis.

The NASUWT has produced a range of guidance to assist you in taking control of your performance management so that you are able to secure a successful outcome, enhance your career progression and maximise your opportunity for pay progression.

Performance management is covered by national action instructions.

You should not participate in any appraisal/performance management process which does not conform to all elements of the NASUWT appraisal/performance management checklist and the classroom observation protocol.