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The offer of free membership for students extends to newly qualified teachers who decide to join the NASUWT or convert their student membership to full newly qualified teacher membership.

The NASUWT provides free membership for all new teacher members for the first term after qualification. This is followed by a further 12 months of free membership on the provision of direct debit details at the beginning of the calendar year. Newly qualified teachers also receive discounted subscriptions in the second calendar year after qualification.

For example, if you qualify in 2022, you will get:

  1. free membership until 31 December 2022 followed by...

  2. free membership for the whole of 2023 on the provision of direct debit details and...

  3. a further 50% reduction on 2024’s subscriptions.

As a member of the NASUWT, you will be entitled to a range of services to support your career.


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