From time to time, members will have health and safety concerns in their workplace. Usually, these can be resolved quickly and simply through conversations with line managers.

Sometimes, however, problems are more difficult to resolve.

Legislation often helps to address issues, but this varies across the UK. For example, there are limits on class sizes in all UK nations – In Northern Ireland and Scotland there are explicit limits on size; in England and Wales, other than in Key Stage 1, the limit arises from the risk assessment process and the individual teacher’s determination of what is safe.

Where issues cannot be resolved simply, members should in the first instance speak to their Health and Safety Representative. If there is no Health and Safety Representative, you should contact the NASUWT for further advice.

Reports to the Health and Safety Executive

The NASUWT would advise against members and representatives directly reporting employers to the HSE. Should serious issues arise, you should contact the NASUWT and it may be necessary to refer the issue to your National Executive Member, who will make a determination on whether to report the issue to the HSE, cosnider collective action, or both.