Message from Stonewall

23 September marks Bi Visibility Day.

It is known that bi people suffer from dual prejudice – both from within the LGBT community and outside of it. Bi Visibility Day should not be used as one day to address a call to action.

It should serve as a reminder that we must all tackle bi erasure, bi invisibility and biphobia whenever we witness it.

From avoiding prides and LGBT events because of the fear that you and your partner won’t be accepted, to being told you’re ‘confused’ when accessing healthcare services, we know there’s a long way to go until all bi people can feel able to be themselves.

In the workplace alone, we know that bi people are significantly less likely to feel comfortable being out to their colleagues when compared to lesbian and gay employees.

There’s been some great steps forward in society’s attitude towards gay people in recent years and there’s a lot further to go, but we all need to do more to make sure that bi people’s stories are told and celebrated.

But how can we do this?

Learn about how to support bi equality at work, and how to tackle myths and assumptions.

Be visible in your support for bi equality. You could don purple this Bi Visibility Day, or grab yourself a ‘Some People Are Bi. Get Over It!’ tee from us.

Know that this is more than just one day in the calendar year. We must continue to work together to secure equality for the bi community.

At Stonewall, we believe in acceptance without exception, and we understand that there is not one lived way of being L, G, B, or T. We’re committed to ensuring that every person is free to be themselves without fear of isolation.

As well as marking Bi Visibility Day next week across social media, we’ll continue to put the voices of bi people at the heart of what we do.

Stonewall will continue to platform bi role models, and you can let us know if you’d like to share your story too.

And we hope that you’ll pledge your support to bi equality, whether as an ally or as a role model to others. We hope you enjoy a very happy, and purple, Bi Visibility Day.

You can learn more about Bi Visibility Day by visiting