Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health UK Teacher Focus Groups

Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health (BLAM) UK and the Equal Rights Trust are working on a report looking at the impact the education system, specifically the National Curriculum, is having on racial cohesion in the UK.

To ensure that the views of all key stakeholders are included, BLAM UK are hosting a number of focus groups and workshops with teachers, students and parents by hosting a series of one-hour online focus groups with teachers to learn more about their experiences with the National Curriculum.

Focus groups are informal and confidential and cover topics such as Black narratives in the National Curriculum, learning resources, school policies and teacher training.

Attendees of the teacher focus groups will be eligible to participate in a tailored BLAM UK anti-racism and Black narratives teacher consultation for participants. This group consultation will assist teachers who wish to learn how to embed Black British cultural heritage and African and Afro-Caribbean histories into their everyday teaching.

You can sign up for one of a series of focus groups using the BLAM Teacher Focus (2) Group Form.