The NASUWT has negotiated a trade union recognition agreement with ULT for consultation and collective bargaining purposes. This provides the necessary structures for the NASUWT to meet with ULT at a national level and on a regular basis in the ULT Academies Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC). The JNC is where the NASUWT meets with ULT to negotiate on all aspects of pay and conditions of service for collective bargaining purposes.

The last ULT JNC met on 9 May 2017. ULT agreed to circulate a public version of the ULT ‘pay progression data’ as requested by the NASUWT. ULT confirmed receipt of the NASUWT pay claim for 2017/18.

Any policies or procedures agreed with the NASUWT are available on the right-hand side of this page.

ULT policies and procedures have only been agreed by the NASUWT on the condition that they apply to all ULT teaching staff.

Teachers' Pay in ULT Academies

The NASUWT has submitted a pay claim on behalf of members to ULT for 2017/18. The NASUWT’s pay claim is for a substantial increase to all teacher salary points and allowances in 2017/18. The NASUWT has presented detailed evidence to support this claim.     

Teachers working in ULT academies who have not signed a ULT contract should continue to receive the same pay increase and benefits as teachers in the maintained sector.

Pay and Performance Management/Appraisal

The NASUWT has been unable to reach agreement with ULT on pay and performance management/appraisal/PDR. The policies on pay and appraisal imposed by ULT are unacceptable to the NASUWT for the following reasons:

  • observations exceed three hours/three observations for an academic year;
  • the use of ‘Learning Walks’ for lesson observations;
  • ULT Classroom Observations Protocol, which includes excessive observations.

The ULT Pay Policy is totally unacceptable because the PM policy still has the opportunity for excessive observations which could raise barriers to pay progression.

The NASUWT has not agreed the PM or Pay Policies. The policies are not compliant with the NASUWT Model Pay and Performance Management Checklists. ULT academies operate separate pay scales for teachers on ULT contracts. We have not agreed their Pay/PDR policies either.

NB: ULT confirmed at the last meeting there would be no change to the Pay Policy.

Protection of your pay and conditions under TUPE

Staff who transferred when the school became an academy transferred under TUPE and therefore benefit from the protections of TUPE. One of those protections is that changes to the transferred contract of employment cannot be made. Regulation 4(4) TUPE sets that out - any purported variation to the contract will be void. Therefore requiring staff that transferred under TUPE to sign new contracts is not permitted.  The protection from TUPE does not apply only to certain terms and conditions. TUPE applies to the whole contract. The employer cannot pick and choose which bits of the contract are protected by TUPE - it is all protected by TUPE and so there should not be any move to introduce new contracts.

Employees therefore have the legal right to transfer to the new employer on their existing terms and conditions of employment and with all their existing employment rights and liabilities intact. Effectively, the new employer steps into the shoes of the old employer and it is as though the employee's contract of employment was always made with the new employer.

NB: Where an independent trade union had been recognised by the outgoing employer in respect of transferring employees, recognition will transfer to the incoming employer.