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Sponsorships and Affiliations

The NASUWT is proud to have partnerships with a range of organisations and bodies who share the same values of social justice and improving the life chances of children and young people.


ACTSA logo
Action for South Africa (ACTSA) is a campaigning organisation that works for rights, equality and development across Southern Africa
Amnesty logo Amnesty International is a national organisation fighting against arbitrary arrest of political detainees around the world CoDIR logo Campaign for Defence of Iranian People's Rights was established by a group of British labour and trade union activists in collaboration with Iranian democrats living in exile Cuba Solidarity Campaign logo Cuba Solidarity is a campaign to support Cuban education in particular from the effects of the US boycott
Education and Solidarity Network Education and Solidarity Network works to improve the health and well-being of educational professionals ESU Walter Hines Page English Speaking Union (Walter Hines) offers British and Argentine teachers the opportunity to explore and exchange educational ideas in America ICTU logo Irish Congress of Trade Unions represents and campaigns on behalf of 800,000 working people on the island of Ireland Jubilee Debt Campaign Jubilee Debt Campaign is working for debt cancellation in poorer countries
LRD logo Labour Research Department promotes and carries out research into areas of importance to the labour movement Liberty logo Liberty protects civil liberties and promotes human rights in the UK Mecahnics Institute Museum logo Mechanics Centre Museum of Trade Union History in Manchester NCB logo National Children’s Bureau is a charitable organisation that acts as an umbrella body for organisations working with children and young people in England and Northern Ireland
Prospect logo The Ragged School Museum is in London, supporting the historical and traditional view of schooling in the previous century and educational changes since then STUC logo Scottish TUC co-ordinates, develops and articulates the views and policies of the trade union movement in Scotland Searchlight logo Searchlight investigates and opposes fascism, anti-semitism and racism in Britain and abroad Think Global Think Global is a UK-based education charity helping people to understand and act on global issues
Unions 21 Unions 21 is a TUC group exploring modern ideas, developments and challenges for the trade union movement Wales TUC Cymru Wales TUC Cymru campaigns for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad WISE logo WISE Campaign lobbies for gender balance in science, technology and engineering, from the classroom to the boardroom  


English Schools Golf logo English Schools Golf Association promotes golf within the school environment Gibraltar Literary Festival logo Gibraltar Literary Festival provides the opportunity for writers and speakers to come together Global Campaign for Education logo Global Campaign for Education fights to deliver the right to universal primary education Hazards logo Hazards Magazine is an independent, award-winning magazine providing information and resources to help unions make work better and safer
National Youth Choir Scotland logo National Youth Choir of Scotland provides opportunities for young people, teachers and choir directors to support and develop choral singing Riverside Band logo Riverside Brass Band is the award-winning band that plays regularly at the Union's Annual Conferences Scottish Hockey logo Scottish Hockey encourages children to develop their skills in the sport in Scotland Show Racism the Red Card logo Show Racism the Red Card provides educational workshops, training sessions, multimedia packages and other resources to tackle racism in society
Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival logo Tolpuddle Martyrs commemorates the six union leaders who were arrested and sentenced to seven years’ transportation for taking an oath of secrecy in 1834 UK Black Pride logo UK Black Pride is Europe’s largest celebration for African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Caribbean-heritage LGBTQ people UK Work Stress logo UK Stress Network campaigns to secure proper recognition of the damage caused by work-stress and to prevent work-related stress VSO logo Voluntary Services Overseas VSO is an international charity that partners volunteers with projects to develop education and build sustainable communities in developing countries
Welsh Schools Golf Association gives opportunities to schools to play golf for Wales British Youth Music Theatre logo
British Youth Music Theatre works with young people through the medium of music theatre with the principle aim of personal and creative development