ICTU Demonstration June 2022

Teachers marched on 25 June to Demand Better at the ICTU Rally outside Stormont.

As part of our Better Deal for Teachers campaign, we joined the ICTU trade union-led rally and demonstration at Stormont on Saturday 25 June 2022 to demand action.

Teachers and their families can no longer afford inaction on the cost of living crisis. Inflation is now at 9% and predicted by some to rise to 11%.

We make no apology for seeking to protect your living standards. Many teachers who are hard pressed and struggling with in-work poverty are the very same ones who guided society through the pandemic.

The rally enabled us to add our voice to the call for Westminster to provide the necessary supports to working families and for a return of a Northern Ireland Executive to roll out the necessary policies and actions to seek to address this cost of living crisis now.

We assembled at the main gate of the Stormont estate and marched the one mile up to Stormont to a rally and speeches from union activists.

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We marched...


...to Stormont...

...and rallied for...


...a Better Deal for Teachers