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Teachers have called for the Government to increase its support for the profession by committing to a Better Deal for Teachers that addresses stagnating pay, skyrocketing workloads, recruitment and retention problems, and increasingly poor morale.

Representatives at the Annual Conference of NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union in Harrogate will argue that in order to put the education of children and young people first, the government must Put Teachers First.

A Better Deal is the only way to provide relief and recovery to the teaching profession, and to make sure that children and young people receive the highest standard of education possible. Further details will be announced as the Annual Conference progresses over the weekend.

Dr Patrick Roach, NASUWT General Secretary, said:

“Teachers in the UK are experiencing dystopian levels of workload and work-related stress. They can’t go on much longer without reform to their pay, their workloads, their working hours, and their rights at work.

“Only 10% of teachers have told us that their workload is manageable and 40% are working more than 50 hours a week. Nearly 90% are worried about their financial situation, with more than a fifth struggling to afford their pensions. This government has ushered in an era where teaching is no longer a sustainable way to make a living and build a career.

“40,000 teachers left the profession last year – almost 9% of the workforce. 73% have considered leaving their current job, citing pay as a significant factor. Schools cannot function without teachers, and children cannot thrive without the care and expertise of their teachers, yet we face having too few teachers left.

“The Department for Education says it wants to build a world-class education system. That will require world-class working conditions for teachers. Our members will keep demanding a Better Deal for as long as it takes.”


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