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Members of NASUWT – Teachers’ Union will take strike action at Swansea secondary schools tomorrow after a recent meeting with Swansea Officials failed to solve the dispute.

In June, members of NASUWT across Swansea voted overwhelmingly to take industrial action over adverse employer practices, threats to job security and the failure of Swansea Council to comply with existing collective agreements.

In the ballot, 92% of members voted to support strike action and 96% voted to support action short of strike, based on a turnout of 59%.

On Monday, NASUWT officials made an offer to Swansea Council that would resolve the dispute and have no detrimental effect on the school at its centre. Unfortunately, Swansea have rejected that proposal and the second day of strike action takes place tomorrow.

NASUWT General Secretary Dr Patrick Roach said:

“Teachers must be able to rely on their employers to protect them. They must be able to trust that their employers will honour their job descriptions, contracts, and collective agreements. Swansea Council has failed in this basic covenant.

“Swansea Council cannot ignore its responsibilities and obligations towards its employees. By choosing to strike, our members are sending a clear message that they will not tolerate ignorance from their employer or the flouting of their working conditions rights.”

NASUWT National Official Wales Neil Butler said:

“In the midst of a recruitment and retention crisis for teachers, Swansea Council upheld a process that led to the wrongful dismissal of a teacher for breaking up a fight.

“Our offer would have allowed Swansea Council to regain the trust of teachers by ensuring that the Council adheres to collective agreements. By rejecting our offer, the Council has made it clear that they do not care about the damage that has been done.

“Swansea Council have said as part of negotiations that they will respect collective agreements. They are using this to state that they have complied with most of what NASUWT require. However, they are not willing to repair the damage done by tearing up the Schools Disciplinary Policy in the case against our member. This shows a lack of sincerity. They need to regain the trust of teachers and wipe the slate clean.”


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