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Responding to First Minister Vaughan Gething’s first statement to the Senedd, Dr Patrick Roach, General Secretary of NASUWT – The Teacher’s Union, said:
“It is most welcome to see educational excellence in Welsh schools up there as one of the new First Minister’s priorities.  It is less welcome to see that teachers do not warrant a mention. Mr Gething can only achieve his ambitions if he takes teachers with him on this journey, and to date, the Welsh Government has singularly failed to prioritise teachers within its education reform.
“This Government claims to be ‘relentless’ in its pursuit of academic progress. The most relentless aspect of the Welsh education system right now is the unrealistic expectations placed upon teachers, who are now supposed to produce massive improvements with nothing but magic beans.”
Neil Butler, National Official for Wales, said:
“You can’t have educational excellence without investment in teachers. Teachers in Wales are battling against skyrocketing workloads, increased risk of pupil violence, and on top of the cost of living crisis, rapidly stagnating pay. They need a Government that understands and addresses the challenges in the Welsh Education Service, not one that ignores them.
“The IWPRB Strategic Review made some baby steps towards improving conditions for teachers but Lynne Neagle says she will only implement its proposals if they come at no cost. Where does Mr Gething think educational excellence is going to come from? It starts with empowered, supported teachers.
“If the Welsh Government is not prepared to fund even modest improvement then this statement from the First Minister is all talk with no substance.”


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