St Bart’s informed us they currently have nine schools but will be expanding to 12 schools by September 2017 and are looking to expand to between 15 and 20 (maximum) schools ultimately and so retain the ‘family feel’.

The NASUWT has met regularly with St Bart’s to continue our negotiations to work collaboratively in developing a new framework for negotiation and consultation. The new negotiating machinery is called the St Bart’s Joint Negotiating and Consultation Committee (JNCC).

The NASUWT has agreed a Trade Union Recognition Agreement (TURA) and a Trade Union Facility Time Agreement (TUFA).

The NASUWT will arrange meetings with all NASUWT members at your school on request. If you need professional advice, either individually or collectively, you should contact the NASUWT. You can contact your local, federation or negotiating secretary for advice as well as your NASUWT Regional Centre.