This offer is only valid for members who join the NASUWT on or before 31 December 2023

The terms and conditions for six months’ free membership of the NASUWT are outlined below.

Teachers who join the NASUWT for the first time before 31 December 2023 will receive six months’ free membership from the point at which they join the Union.

The terms and conditions applying to membership of the NASUWT are governed by the NASUWT Rules of the Union.

Rule 4. Membership states that, ‘All persons who are employed as qualified teachers and such other persons whose contract of employment requires them to teach, lecture or instruct whether on a full or part-time basis are eligible for Full Membership of the Union provided they support the Objects of the Union.’

In addition, the applicant must provide direct debit details for the payment of future subscriptions at the point of joining and agreeing to pay future direct debit payments on a monthly basis.

Student and newly qualified teachers have separate free membership offers.

Rules pertaining to other types of membership can also be found on the Rules of the Union page.