Vote 2019

UK General Election 2019

The General Election on 12th December is about your rights to protection against unfair treatment at work and the right to decent pay and pensions.

On 12th December, vote for a party that will ensure these rights.

Guarantee substantial improvements to teachers’ pay

In the last decade, teachers have faced a combination of pay freezes and caps and in many schools have seen their pay held back as a result of the abuse of pay freedoms and flexibilities.

On average, teachers have experienced a real-terms pay cut of 21% over the last nine years.

End the lottery on pay which means that teachers have no guarantee of an annual pay award or pay progression

Since reforms to teachers’ pay in 2013, for too many teachers, the expectation of any sort of pay rise has become a thing of the past.

Defend your pension rights and to protect your future pension

Teachers are now paying 50% more towards their pension and face the prospect of working to the age of 68 or later as the state pension age increases.

The rights of agency workers, including the right to the continued protection of the EU Agency Workers’ Regulations, including the right to equal pay and benefits

Last year, over £1 billion was spent by schools on supply agencies, yet just 25% of that money went into the hands of supply teachers. Many supply teachers face the prospect of low pay, zero-hours contracts and exploitation.

Secure your right to work in a safe and healthy environment

One in three teachers say that their schools are unfit for teaching. Cuts to vital health and safety inspections and the funding crisis in schools have made the problem worse.

Guarantee and enhance rights to paid maternity, paternity and shared parental leave

Just 28% of female teachers benefit from flexible working compared with 40% of women across the wider economy. There is strong evidence that freedoms and flexibilities are being used by schools to deny teachers the right to flexible working.

Ensure your equal treatment at work and to protect yourself from discrimination

Greater employer discretion has resulted in increased numbers of teachers experiencing discrimination at work, including because of their sex/gender, disability, ethnicity and religion.

Key questions to ask when political parties call

  • Is your party committed to making genuine efforts to reduce the excessive workload of teachers?
  • Is your party committed to making teaching an attractive profession once more by substantially increasing teachers’ pay?
  • Is your party committed to protecting and enhancing workers’ rights, regardless of Brexit?
  • Is your party committed to taking action to support teachers in dealing with pupil indiscipline?
  • Is your party committed to maintaining and enhancing human rights, including the right to join and participate in trade unions?
  • Is your party committed to ending the exploitation of supply teachers by banning zero-hours contracts and regulating supply agencies?

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