Better Deal for Wales’ Teachers

The Welsh Government has had control of teachers’ pay and conditions for the last four years and whilst there have been some improvements to conditions, teachers in Wales are only marginally better off than teachers in England.

Progress has been slow and disappointing, but the NASUWT is working hard through social partnership to push the Welsh Government to go further to make teaching in Wales a positive and rewarding experience.

The NASUWT is extremely concerned about the announcement by the First Minister that the Welsh Government will reform the school day and the school year.

There has been no serious attempt by the Welsh Government to consult on this issue and there may be an attempt to shorten the summer break and lengthen the school day.

The NASUWT believes that this is a misguided attempt at using schools as cheap childcare. The NASUWT has launched a campaign to engage with the Welsh Government and the people of Wales over this issue.

Our briefing exposing the myths and misunderstandings over reforming the school day/year can be found on Reforming the School Year and Day (Wales).

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