Annual Conference 2018

ICC, Birmingham, 30 March to 02 April

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The NASUWT, the Teacher's Union, holds its Annual Conference to establish NASUWT policy on issues affecting the working lives of teachers, education in the UK and internationally, and internal Union matters.

Annual Conference is held at venues throughout the UK from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

Annual Conference 2018 took place at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham from 30th March to 2nd April 2018.

Annual Conference 2018 Publications (Tuesday)

Day 4 Monday

Pension Age - CARRIED as AMENDED
The National Pay Structure - CARRIED
Funding for Special Schools - CARRIED as AMENDED
Violent Pupils and Risk Assessments - CARRIED as AMENDED
Transforming the Culture of Teacher Employment - CARRIED
Time for Teaching and Learning Responsibility Posts - CARRIED
Malicious Allegations - CARRIED
Transparency of Academy Pay and Finances - CARRIED as AMENDED

Annual Conference 2018 Publications (Monday)

Day 3 Sunday


Teacher Retention Crisis - CARRIED

Recruitment Awards

Harjinder Nahal, Leeds Association receives Recruiter of the Year Award 2018

Northern Ireland President Delma Boggs receives Best Communication Award 2018

Crewe and Nantwich Local Association receive Best Activity for Engaging Under-represented Groups Award 2018

Health and Safety Award

Michael Baker, joint winner with John McKenna, receives the Health and Safety Award 2018 from NASUWT President Dan McCarthy and National Executive Member Russ Walters

Motions continued

2(b) motion - Securing World-Class Education For All - CARRIED
Class Size Really Does Matter - CARRIED as AMENDED

Joint Valued Worker Scheme launched


Cracking the gender pay gap - what needs to be done?
Zimbabwe - life after Mugabe

Motions continued

School Funding Crisis - CARRIED as AMENDED

International Solidarity Award

Dr Patrick Roach, NASUWT Deputy General Secretary, addressed Conference to pay special tribute to Roberto Baradel, leader of Argentine sister union CTERA, and announce Esmail Abdi, Iranian Teachers' Trade Union ITTA, as winner of the International Solidarity Award 2018.

Esmail Abdi, Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association (ITTA)

Motions continued

2(c) motion Northern Ireland - CARRIED
The Impact of Curriculum Reform - CARRIED
Good Practice in Flexible Working - CARRIED
Workplace Bullying - CARRIED

Annual Conference 2018 Publications (Sunday)

Day 2 Saturday

NASUWT Annual Report to Conference 2017

Annual Conference Report 2017


Teachers' Mental Health and Wellbeing - CARRIED
2(c) Motion: Wales - CARRIED

Fringe meeetings - lunchtime

Inspection: myths and facts
The future of childhood - what will it be like to grow up in the 2020s?

Motions continued

Public Sector Pay Cap - CARRIED

TUC Fraternal Greetings

TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady addresses Conference.

Young Activist Award

Claire Connolly is presented with the Young Activist Award by guest speaker TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady and NASUWT President Dan McCarthy

Motions continued

2(c) Motion: Scotland - CARRIED
Discrimination Against Experienced and Older Teachers - CARRIED
Monitoring Practices and the Micro-Management of Teachers - CARRIED
Mental Health First Aid for Children and Young People - CARRIED
Misuse of School Funding - CARRIED as AMENDED

Fringe meetings - evening

The future of teaching - what will schools look like in the 2020s?
Asbestos in schools - the hidden killer

Annual Conference 2018 Publications (Saturday)

Day 1 Friday

President's Induction and Inaugural Address

Dan McCarthy address Annual Conference 2018 as he assumes office as President for 2018/19

New Officers

2018/19 President Dan McCarthy introduced the newly elected

  • Senior Vice-President - Dave Kitchen
  • Honorary Treasurer - Neil Butler
  • Junior Vice-President - Michelle Codrington-Rogers
  • Ex‑President - Fred Brown

Vote of Thanks to Retiring President Fred Brown and Presentation of Souvenir

Michelle Codrington-Rogers joins Officers as Junior Vice-President for 2018/19