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Starting Out - A quick guide for new teachers

This excellent guide is a valuable aid to new teachers, covering a multitude of issues, including finding and securing a teaching post, conditions of service, staying safe in the classroom and the use and abuse of technology.

The guide is produced for each of the four nations with information specific to each nation and the Wales guide is produced bilingually in English and Welsh.

When placing orders, it is essential to specify the nation in which they are to be used to ensure teachers receive the correct information and guidance.

Application form

This form has all the essential data in order to ensure that we can target and monitor our service delivery for all members in an easily accessible format. There is a bilingual version for Wales.


An NASUWT pen accompanies each pack for newly qualified teachers to fill in their application form.

NASUWT gift bag

The contents are packaged in an NASUWT-branded high-quality woven gift bag.

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