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What is the Political Fund?

 The NASUWT Political Fund enables the Union to lobby governments and all political parties on behalf of our members, including campaigning to secure legislation to protect and improve your rights at work.

The Political Fund enables the NASUWT to:
  • lobby for changes to legislation in the interests of members;
  • campaign on issues that affect the pay and conditions of teachers;
  • advocate for members’ trade union rights and teachers’ rights at work;
  • raise awareness of the public and politicians about the Union’s policies, priorities and the concerns of members.
By having a Political Fund, we’re able to make an even bigger difference for all members by campaigning on the issues that matter to you.

How is the NASUWT Political Fund used?

 The NASUWT Political Fund is used to:
  • lobby governments and politicians to secure improvements on behalf of teachers;
  • highlight the concerns of teachers to all governments, irrespective of who is in power;
  • organise and support important campaigns;
  • represent the interests of NASUWT members at party political conferences.
 The NASUWT is not affiliated to any political party. That means, irrespective of whichever political party is in power, every penny we collect from our members is used to benefit members and to put teachers first.
The NASUWT Political Fund is audited annually and is regulated by legislation. 

 Why should NASUWT members support the Political Fund?

 All members will shortly receive a ballot paper to vote on whether the Union should retain the political fund.
The NASUWT recommends that members vote “YES” in the ballot to keep the NASUWT Political Fund.
The Political fund Ballot is being conducted on behalf of the Union by Electoral Reform Services which will act as the independent scrutineer.
You should shortly be receiving a ballot paper through the post. You are encouraged to return your ballot paper to arrive by the published deadline to Electoral Reform Services.
Please ensure that you complete and return your ballot paper.

Vote “YES” in the ballot to keep the NASUWT Political Fund.


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