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Members of NASUWT - The Teachers’ Union at Abbots Hill School, Hemel Hempstead, are taking strike action after being threatened with dismissal from their jobs unless they sign new contracts that would see them with worse pensions and working conditions.
The management at the independent school, which charges as much as £19,000 per pupil per year, are attempting to get away with disgraceful ‘fire and rehire’’ tactics.

Teaching staff at the school are being made to accept worse contracts which withdraw them from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS). If they refuse to do so they face dismissal from their jobs.
Members at the school are today (Thursday) taking the first of six days of strike action to fight these pernicious changes to their pensions.

Dr Patrick Roach, NASUWT General Secretary, said:
“The behaviour of the employer at Abbots Hill School has been appalling.

“It cannot be acceptable for teachers to be threatened with dismissal unless they agree to accept an inferior pension that will leave teachers poorer in the retirement.

“The teachers at Abbots Hill care deeply about their pupils; they just want to be treated fairly and valued for their work.

“If the employer has even a shred of decency they will drop these threats immediately.”
Michelle Cordington-Rogers, NASUWT Ex-President said:

“The employer’s actions in this dispute have been nothing short of reprehensible and our members will continue to stand firm.

“I urge the senior leadership of the school to drop these misguided and ill-advised tactics, get round the table with the NASUWT and talk with us so we can prevent a deepening of this dispute.”


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