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NASUWT large flag strike demo

Speaking following the publication of the report by the School Teachers’ Pay Review Body (STRB), Dr Patrick Roach, General Secretary of NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union said:

“Ministers have today delivered yet another pay cut for teachers.

“After 12 years of pay freezes, pay pauses and below inflation pay awards amounting to a 20% real-terms cut, teachers will be dismayed to hear that the Government expects them to stomach the largest real terms cut to their pay.

“Experienced teachers and headteachers will be especially aggrieved about how they are being treated by the Government. They are already leaving in their droves because the Government is failing to value and support them properly. Today’s announcement will do little to stop that.

“The Government has still not delivered on its General Election Manifesto promise to increase starting salaries to £30,000, once again letting the profession down. 

“Ministers need to be honest with the public about why they are refusing to ensure that the pay award will be passed on to every teacher.

“By failing to give schools additional funding whilst also making the pay award advisory rather than mandatory, the Government is presiding over a pay award lottery for hundreds of thousands of hardworking and dedicated teachers.

“It comes as no surprise that the Government has deliberately chosen to withhold publication of this report until the very end of the school year and on the hottest day in history, once again treating teachers with contempt.

“The Government’s proposals will also let down pupils whose education is already being affected by a continuing exodus of experienced teachers and headteachers and a recruitment and retention crisis that is worsening daily.

“The NASUWT will be looking in detail at the Government’s response to the STRB report and will be responding fully.

“If the Government hopes that teachers’ anger will dissipate over the course of the summer break, they are wrong.

“The NASUWT will not stand by whilst teachers who have delivered so much for so many for so long are treated so badly by the Government.

“Their patience has been tested to the limit.

“Ministers must commit to a programme of genuine dialogue and negotiations in order to find a pay settlement that delivers a better deal for all teachers.

“Only a commitment to a programme of pay restoration can win their trust, confidence and improve their morale.”


Notes to Editors

·       Fewer than one in ten teachers would likely be eligible for the 9% pay award to take their starting salary up to £30,000 by September 2023. The £30k target is in itself now due to be met at least a year later than originally promised by Government.
·       Our 2022 Big Question survey found that in the last year:
·         - over half of teachers have had to cut back on spending on food;
·         - a fifth have had to increase their reliance on credit
·         - more than one in ten have had to take a second job
·         - 87% were very or somewhat worried about their financial situation.
·       Our 2022 pay survey found that:
·         - 68% of existing teachers want to quit the job and of these:
·         - 54% cite pay as a key factor driving them to leave the profession



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