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The NASUWT- The Teachers’ Union is calling on the Government to come forward with a plan for a teacher-led education renewal that includes commitments to:

  1. Recruit more teachers and support staff and other children’s service professionals.
  2. Retain and recognise teachers who have dedicated their lives to the job.
  3. End excessive workload and let teachers teach.
  4. Reduce class size.
  5. End the long working hours of teachers which continue to drain teaching quality
  6. Guarantee every teacher time for professional development as a contractual entitlement throughout their careers.
  7. A substantial pay award for teachers to end the real terms decline in teachers’ pay over the last decade
  8. Scrapping the link between performance and teachers’ pay.
  9. Stronger regulation including national statutory pay and conditions entitlements for all teachers, supply teachers and headteachers.
  10. Robust enforcement of employment, health and safety and equalities legislation to hold employers properly to account.
The NASUWT’s General Secretary Dr Patrick Roach set out further details of the demands the Union is making of Government in his speech to the Union’s Annual Conference.

Dr Patrick Roach, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:

“Alongside Government plans for easing lockdown restrictions, we want to see the Government’s road map, not just for the next few months, but a road map for exiting the pandemic and securing the longer term recovery.

“The Government needs to recognise that the profession and our pupils have already been through a great deal, and that many teachers are running on empty. 

“Ministers cannot stand by and insist that the profession must simply soldier on.

“Teachers’ commitment and resilience have been tested to the limit over the last year.

“The crisis facing many of our young people didn’t start with the pandemic, but it has certainly been deepened by it.

“Teachers and children didn’t create this crisis and schools shouldn’t be left to pick up the pieces left by this pandemic.

“If we are to aspire to have the best country for children to grow up in we will need a plan for education renewal, creating the best conditions to enable teachers to secure children’s learning and development by creating the conditions that let teachers teach.

“Teachers don’t need more warm words, exhortation and empty promises – they need action and a bold agenda, and the NASUWT stands ready to work with Government to deliver it.”


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