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Teachers at the Annual Conference of NASUWT Cymru-The Teachers’ Union will condemn schools rushing through staff changes for the new Welsh curriculum.
A motion on restructuring for the new curriculum is top of the agenda at the Union’s Conference in Cardiff this weekend (June 29 to 30).
Governing Bodies of some Welsh schools are already making staff changes based on the draft curriculum, even though nothing has been decided yet.
A consultation on the draft curriculum will run until July, and the final version will not be implemented until September 2022.
Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:
“Once again teachers are at the mercy of schools who wish to rush to implement change, despite the fact that a long lead in time has been given for these changes.
“We are a long way off from the new curriculum even being agreed, let alone taught in schools.
“Those school already engaged in staff restructuring in anticipation of change are causing unnecessary distress, anxiety and disruption.
“Teachers of the traditional qualifications are understandably concerned that they may lose payments for serving as subject leaders, or even be made redundant.
“If the Government wants to the new curriculum to be successful, it must ensure that teachers receive the support and investment they deserve.”
Neil Butler, NASUWT National Official Wales, said:

“This is a problem that is spreading throughout Wales.
“I do not think many parents realise what a detrimental impact this could have upon their children’s education.

“For the next five years, pupils will still be studying for the traditional qualifications of the existing curriculum.
“However, some will lose the specialise support they need because their school has already removed subject leaders in these areas.”


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