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Commenting on the announcement on teacher pay, NASUWT General Secretary Dr Patrick Roach said:

“Whilst today’s announcement recognises the importance of pay levels in making teaching more attractive to new teachers, the Government also needs to do more to retain experienced teachers in the profession.

“Over the last few months, parents and the public have thanked teachers for the tremendous contribution they have made in supporting children’s learning during the Coronavirus crisis. It is therefore right that the Government recognises, values and rewards the work of teachers, too.

“Increases to starting salaries for new teachers will be widely welcomed, but schools also rely on the contributions of experienced teachers who are playing a vital role in ensuring that children are able to recover their education following recent months of disruption.

“It will be a disappointment that the Government’s proposals on teachers’ pay do not provide experienced teachers with the increased rewards they also deserve, and does not do enough to redress the 18% real-terms decline in levels of teachers’ pay over the past decade.

“The public will expect the Government to honour its commitment to increase the pay of teachers by ensuring that the September pay award is delivered in full to every teacher.

“The NASUWT will be looking to the Government to set out how it will deliver this year’s pay award to every teacher or risk losing the trust and confidence of teaching profession.

“The report and recommendations of the School Teachers’ Review Body report will also need to be considered carefully. However, there is now a widespread acceptance that the freedoms and flexibilities that have dogged the system of teachers’ pay over the last decade have had their day.”


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