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In furtherance of its national trade dispute with the Government over pay, workload and ineffective management of pupil indiscipline, the NASUWT - The Teachers’ Union is today (8 November 2019) opening a hotline for teachers across Scotland to report by text or voicemail any concerns they have about pupil indiscipline.

Teachers can leave a voicemail at 0131 226 8489 or text 07860 017657. Teachers can report their concerns anonymously and those who need help will be signposted to sources of support. 

Ms Chris Keates, NASUWT Acting General Secretary, said:

“Our research shows that 87% of teachers in Scotland believe there is a widespread problem of pupil behaviour across schools.

“Over half believe that there is a problem in their own school.

“Pupil indiscipline is one of the top three concerns teachers have about their job, second only to concerns about excessive workload.

“It is because of these deep concerns that the NASUWT made pupil indiscipline one of the key issues in our ongoing trade dispute with the Government.

“In too many schools, teachers tell us that verbal and physical abuse is going unchallenged. Referrals for this and other unacceptable behaviour are not addressed in a robust and timely manner and there is a growing culture in schools of ‘blame the teacher’ rather than holding pupils accountable for their behaviour.

“There are also widespread concerns among teachers about the misuse and abuse of restorative behaviour policies, which are becoming synonymous in too many cases with no punishment or sanctions for unacceptable behaviour.

“The hotline will provide us with up-to-the-minute information on how teachers are feeling about this important issue. 

“In addition, the schools involved in the current phase of the NASUWT’s national action short of strike action instructions will today (8 November) be receiving further specific instructions to assist teachers in dealing with failure of schools and employers to respond to referrals of unacceptable behaviour and inappropriate restorative behaviour policies.

“No teacher should go to work with the expectation that they will be either verbally or physically abused, and while they are members of the NASUWT, they will not.”

Jane Peckham, NASUWT National Official Scotland, said:

“Teachers cannot teach and pupils cannot learn where there is violence and disruption.

“All teachers are entitled to dignity at work and a safe working environment.

“Teachers are being disempowered by the failure of government to ensure that across the country, behaviour policies are supporting teachers in maintaining high standards of discipline.

“It’s about time the Government made strong and unequivocal statements about the rights of teachers to a safe working environment, and took action to ensure that these rights are being delivered.”


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