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NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union, is calling on the Scottish Parliament to campaign for Long Covid to be legally recognised as a disability under the Equality Act of 2010. 
It is estimated at least 81,000 people in Scotland are now living with Long Covid, with teachers and education support staff the second most likely profession to be affected, only just behind healthcare workers. 
The debilitating condition includes symptoms of the virus, lasting organ damage, impairment of mental processing, extreme fatigue and shortness of breath, leading to exhaustion after even minor activity. Many report their daily activities severely impeded and are left unable to work. 
The NASUWT is calling on the Scottish Government to press an entitlement to reasonable adjustments, flexible working, access to ill-health retirement and financial compensation for teachers left unable to teach as a result of contracting Covid at work. Such compensation already exists for NHS workers whose careers have been prematurely ended by Long Covid.
NASUWT General Secretary Dr Patrick Roach said:
“Teachers have stepped up to the frontline of this pandemic and have put their health at risk to educate our children and young people. The result has been that for some, they are now experiencing the life changing impact of Long Covid.
“With continuing high case rates, more teachers could still be vulnerable to developing this condition and find themselves unable to work, at threat of financial hardship and without sufficient legal protections. 
“No teacher experiencing Long Covid should be forced to live in this fear. 
“We are calling on the Scottish Government to support our push for Long Covid to be recognised as a disability under the Equality Act, which will secure legal protections, support and reasonable adjustments at work for teachers living with the condition.

“Legislation needs to catch up and ministers need to put legal provisions and protections in place to recognise and support those impacted by Long Covid.”


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