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Teachers today have condemned the “bully boy fire and rehire tactics” at SNP First Minister Humza Yousaf’s former school.

Hutchesons Grammar School in Glasgow has forced members of NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union to sign contracts removing them from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme or face the sack.

Teachers who attempted to sign contracts stating they only agreed because they were under duress, were then told if they didn’t sign “clean” copies of a contract by 11.59pm last Friday night they would be sacked and their jobs would be advertised.

At the STUC Congress in Dundee, an emergency motion put forward by teaching unions EIS and NASUWT condemns management of the school and supports trade unions taking a stand against the disgraceful tactics. The motion was passed unanimously.

Dr Patrick Roach, NASUWT General Secretary said: “These bully boy fire and rehire tactics must be stopped. We have asked the First Minister to tell his old school to stop bullying our members.

“Teachers just want decent pay, pension and working conditions and to be forced to sign contracts to deny them membership of the Scottish Teachers Pension Scheme is an absolute disgrace.

“Our members have a mandate for industrial action to stop this appalling and bullying behaviour by the employer at Hutchesons Grammar School.”

Mike Corbett, NASUWT National Official Scotland said: “We condemn the management of Hutchesons' Grammar who are behaving without a shred of decency.

“Our members are dedicated and committed teachers and do not deserve to be treated with such contempt.

“We will support our members should they decide to take strike action to defend their jobs and livelihoods.”


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