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The housing crisis is pricing teachers out of the market, the TUC Congress has been told.

Brian Cookson, speaking on behalf of the NASUWT, said that spiralling house prices were having a devastating impact on public sector workers and more widely on children and young people.

Speaking at the TUC Congress in Brighton, Mr Cookson said:

"The NASUWT believes that the failure of the Conservative-led Government since 2010 to address the escalating housing crisis is having a profound and lifelong effect upon the futures of hundreds of thousands of children and young people in the UK today.

"The issue of housing is often portrayed as simply being about the need for young adults to ‘get on the property ladder’ without exposing the pressing need to renew and add to the housing stock of the UK.

"For workers such as teachers and nurses, the need to be able to obtain affordable housing is a pressing concern.

"The real terms cuts to public sector pay, toghether with the failure of the Government to provide a credible housing policy or strategy, has left young teachers priced out of the market.

"The failure to address this issue is putting a huge strain on public services and putting those services under threat."


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