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Commenting on the Requete debate due to take place today on the school transformation process, Chris Keates, General Secretary (Acting) of the NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union, said:

"The NASUWT has been clear that there are many serious issues with the current plans that appear insurmountable given the constraints of the sites. The continued lack of meaningful consultation over key aspects of the proposals is also of deep concern.

“The NASUWT therefore supported the requete as it provided an opportunity for pause and review, just as the Union previously supported the previous sursis which would have done the same.

“NASUWT members have repeatedly expressed a preference for a three school model and any revisions to the proposals need to be thoroughly considered and planned, avoiding the mistakes of previous decisions being approved on the hoof without full details being available.

“Whatever the outcome of the debate, fundamental changes need to be made to the proposals currently on the table to restore the trust and confidence of teachers.

“The NASUWT will study the outcome of the debate carefully and will also consult with members over the next steps. Depending on the outcome, all options will be on the table for discussion, including possible industrial action.

“These changes will lay the foundations for Guernsey’s secondary education system for many decades to come and it is of vital importance that they are got right in order to support the provision of the highest quality education for current and future generations of pupils and school staff.”   


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