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Commenting on the publication today of the DfE’s workload survey of teachers, Chris Keates, General Secretary (Acting) of the NASUWT said: “The results of the survey will be cold comfort to teachers who are still working excessively long hours. 

“The Government should be under no illusion about the continuing problem of excessive workload and working hours in schools or that time-consuming and unnecessary tasks are no longer being undertaken by teachers.
“Research for the NASUWT confirms that the workload pressures in schools are impacting adversely on the mental health and wellbeing of teachers.
“Regrettably, the Government has failed to come forward with effective measures to tackle the workload crisis in schools which has contributed to two-thirds of teachers seriously considering leaving the profession.
“Whilst the Government has published numerous reports highlighting the need for action by schools to tackle excessive workload, it now needs to recognise that urgent statutory measures are also needed to ensure that all schools implement effective workload reduction measures and to end the high working hours of teachers.”



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