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This web page provides information for members about issues relating to Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) indexation in the final salary section of the scheme during pay freeze periods.

Information for all members is in the bulletin on the right/below. An additional link provides information for NASUWT negotiators.

Please note that the NASUWT does not give individual pensions advice and if members have any queries about issues relating to flat TPS indexation and their pension, they should contact Teachers’ Pensions, the TPS Administrator, preferably using the My Pension Online function on the Teachers’ Pensions website.

You can find details of the TPS employee contributions tiers for 2022/23 on the Teachers’ Pensions web page Calculating contributions. Members can assess the impact of any uplift of salary on their contribution to the TPS and should take financial advice on any implications, if necessary.

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The 2021/22 teachers’ pay freeze means that some teachers with service in the final salary TPS could receive flat pensions indexation when calculating the ‘best three years in ten’ average salary factor. This only applies to teachers who began teaching before 1 April 2015.

To remedy this, the NASUWT and other teachers’ unions are advocating that the recruitment and retention payment and leadership pay flexibility provisions in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) be used to provide all teachers and school leaders with a salary uplift of at least £1 in 2021/22.

We have provided more detail about this issue in the Indexation of Teachers’ Pension Scheme Bulletin on the right/below.

Did you receive a salary increase in 2021/22 to avoid flat indexation in the final salary section of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme?

Webinar for Negotiating Secretaries and National Executive Members

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Members who have enquiries about TPS indexation should contact their Workplace Rep in the first instance or their Local Association Secretary.


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