Survey Results on the 2018 Pay Offer in Scotland

The NASUWT carried out an opinion survey of NASUWT teacher and school leader members in Scotland during October and November 2018.

A total of over 1,000 members responded.

Members were asked for their opinion on the pay offer made by the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) and the Government on 6 September 2018.

Members' responses are summarised below.

Survey responses

Teachers were asked how they felt about the pay offer and were given a range of options from which they could choose.

The responses confirmed that a majority of members were not satisfied with the pay offer and more than half (54%) were so angry that they were willing to take industrial action in order to demonstrate their concerns.
Over half (52%) stated that they were unhappy with the pay offer.

In addition, almost half (48%) of teachers believed that they were being treated unfairly by the Government over the issue of pay.

The survey responses to this question were also analysed by salary grade.

Members on higher salary grades were more angry than members overall about the pay offer, with 56% of Promoted Salary Grade teachers and 57% of Main Grade 6 teachers stating that they were willing to take industrial action.

This response reflects the divisive nature of the pay offer which the NASUWT highlighted when it was tabled by COSLA and the Government.

Members were asked about how they would respond to the pay offer in relation to industrial action.

The majority of members stated that they would be prepared to take industrial action, with only 10% stating that they would not take any at all and more than half (56%) willing to take more than one day of strike action.


Next steps

The NASUWT wishes to thank all members who participated in the opinion survey. Your views are essential to informing our next steps on pay.

The results of this opinion survey will be shared with COSLA and the Government to seek to emphasise members’ anger over this divisive pay offer.

The NASUWT will consider a formal ballot for action on pay depending on their response.

The NASUWT believes that this inadequate, divisive offer underlines the Union’s view that a New Deal for teachers is required on pay.

Inadequate one-off percentage offers on an annual basis will do nothing to close the 20% pay gap faced by teachers as a result of year-on-year cuts to pay agreed by the SNCT.

A New Deal for teachers based on discussions of a multi-year award designed to close the enormous pay gap is now critical to ensuring teachers are rewarded as highly skilled professionals.