Many members face their performance review and planning for the next cycle at the beginning of the school year.

The NASUWT believes that it is critically important for members to take control of their performance management and to that end has provided a comprehensive guide to the process. This sets out members’ rights and entitlements.

The NASUWT has produced a range of guidance to assist you in taking control of your performance management so that you are able to secure a successful outcome, enhance your career progression and maximise your opportunity for pay progression.

A key concern of members is the insistence in some schools of setting data-driven targets or objectives. The NASUWT has advised members that they should resist accepting such targets. This advice has been echoed by the Teacher Advisory Group on Workload, which has recently published a helpful report called Making Data Work (pdf, pages 17 and 25) which is endorsed by the DfE and Ofsted. This challenges the poor practice around using data to judge teachers’ performance.

However, the Union is aware that some teachers’ performance management, and in some cases pay progression, does include such targets. Below are some links giving information about the summer series results that could be useful to support members in their discussions at the review meeting: