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Self-audit checklist

The NASUWT has produced Protecting Members - Self-Audit Checklist for Return to School for all members to complete prior to their return to school.

The NASUWT is aware of the concern and anxiety of members about what their employers’ plans may be for the wider opening of schools and colleges.

In the document, the NASUWT provides:

  • a summary of the actions we have taken so far to protect the interests of members collectively; and
  • a self-audit checklist to enable members to consider their own position in relation to their employers’ plans for wider opening.

The checklist provides further advice on the steps you can take once you have completed the action in the self-audit checklist.

Health and safety checklist

The NASUWT has also produced the comprehensive Checklist to Support the Consideration of COVID-19 Risk Assessments that can be used when considering full school reopening.

The checklist also provides advice on what actions to take if key steps that should be factored into the planning of the reopening of schools have not been taken.

If you need support or advice around issues related to the checklist, please contact the NASUWT.

To find out about more about risk assessments within schools, consult the NASUWT Risk Assessment Toolkit and Coronavirus FAQs on safety issues and contingency planning.

Reopening schools letter

The NASUWT has written to Directors of Education in Scotland laying out concerns after careful consideration of the Strategic Framework guidance issued so far.

Notwithstanding the fact that it is subject to further changes, the Union believes that it currently lacks essential detail on a number of critical issues, including tasks that will specifically require staff to be physically present in the workplace and the still serious health, safety and welfare issues for staff and pupils which have not been addressed.

Correspondence and guidance

Correspondence from the NASUWT General Secretary to members and government and NASUWT guidance can be downloaded from the sidebar.

Other Scotland guidance

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