Please note that our latest operational guidance for the autumn term has moved to Covid-19 - Autumn Term (England), where you will also find England-specific FAQs.

On this page, you will find archive information relating to the period prior to July:

All documentation can be found in the sidebar on the right/below. Please contact the NASUWT if you have any concerns about these issues.

Health and safety checklist

The NASUWT has also produced the comprehensive health and safety Checklist on Preparation for the Reopening of Schools that can be used when considering full school reopening.

The checklist provides the key steps which must be factored into the planning of the reopening of schools.

The NASUWT expects that all steps will be completed prior to reopening.

The checklist is in four sections:

  1. Schools where the premises have been closed completely since lockdown on 23rd March 2020.
  2. Schools which have been partially open throughout the lockdown period.
  3. Actions to be taken which apply to all schools.
  4. Useful links to guidance, which supplements the issues in sections A, B and C.

If you need support or advice around issues related to the checklist, please contact the NASUWT.

To find out about more about risk assessments within schools, consult the NASUWT Risk Assessment Toolkit and Coronavirus FAQs on safety issues and contingency planning.

Reopening schools letters to employers

The NASUWT has written to every employer in England reminding them that 1st June 2020 is not a fixed or hard-and-fast date for the wider opening of schools and colleges, making it absolutely clear that there can be no compromise on health and safety, and if they are unable to make arrangements to safeguard their staff and pupils, then they should not be participating in the wider opening.

Correspondence and guidance

Correspondence from the NASUWT General Secretary to members and government and NASUWT guidance can be downloaded from the sidebar.

Advice on PPA in Schools Subject to Wider Opening

The issues involved in securing planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time in schools subject to wider opening can be complex and require a clear understanding of the relevant provisions of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document, the Specified Work Regulations 2012 and the guidance on the organisation of pupil groups published by the Department for Education (DfE).

The NASUWT has prepared this Advice Note for Local Association Secretaries to inform their discussions with employers and support them with information that will assist in securing the best arrangements possible for members.

If you are a Workplace Rep, please contact your Local Association.