The NASUWT has always been clear that teachers in receipt of a Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) payment are entitled to a reasonable allocation of time within school sessions to support the discharge of their responsibilities.

Provision for such time is set out at paragraph 52.6 of the 2018 School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD).

TLR holders' work is focused on enhancing teaching and learning. They, therefore, require time to: support the discharge of their responsibilities; enable them to make an effective contribution to educational standards; and secure their statutory and contractual entitlement to a reasonable work-life balance.

Statutory provisions have never specified the precise quantity of leadership and management time that TLR holders should receive. The NASUWT has continued to insist that the allocation of time should be based on an effective assessment of the extent and nature of the role in a way that also ensures that similar roles receive similar allocations of time.

However, the Union has become increasingly concerned by reports from TLR holders that they receive no leadership and management time or that the time allocated to them is inadequate. The NASUWT’s 2018/19 pay survey’s investigation of the issues faced by TLR holders found that 31% did not receive any leadership and management time.

It is evident that the current position in many schools on the allocation of leadership and management time for TLR holders is unacceptable. However, the work undertaken by the Union to date has confirmed that the issues around the allocation of time are complex and are determined by a range of factors pertinent to individuals and the settings within which they are employed. The NASUWT remains committed to ensuring that all TLR holders can benefit from an appropriate allocation of professional time to discharge their responsibilities.

In November 2018, the Secretary of State for Education confirmed that the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) would be set a further remit in 2019 to examine the structure and operation of the teacher pay and conditions framework. Based on feedback from members, the NASUWT’s intends to provide a detailed submission to the Review Body which will make a clear and compelling case on the need for sufficiency of time for all TLR holders.

In the meantime, where members are concerned about their workload, contact should be made with the NASUWT immediately: