The NASUWT has negotiated a Trade Union Recognition Agreement with the Collaborative Academies Trust for consultation and collective bargaining purposes.

his provides the necessary structures for the NASUWT to meet with the Collaborative Academies Trust at a national level and on a regular basis in the Collaborative Academies Trust Academies Joint Consultative Committee (JCC).

The JCC is where the trade unions meet with the Collaborative Academies Trust to negotiate on pay, conditions of service issues and on policies and procedures for teachers and other the Collaborative Academies Trust staff. The final agreement is available on the right/below.

Teachers' Pay in Collaborative Academies

The NASUWT seek to ensure that members in academy schools have, at least, the equivalent pay award to teachers in other maintained schools. Teachers working in a Collaborative Academies school should continue to receive the same pay increase and benefits as teachers in the maintained sector.

The NASUWT is negotiating a pay policy with Collaborative Academies Trust nationally. The draft policy proposed by the Trust is now compliant with the Joint NASUWT Pay Policy checklist and may be formally agreed. In the meantime, NASUWT school representatives should not agree to any new pay policy in Collaborative Academies.

Policies in Collaborative Academies

The NASUWT will be negotiating other policies with Collaborative Academies Trust nationally. These will be prioritised with Appraisal, Discipline, Capability and Grievance at the top of the list.

Any agreed policies will be placed on this web page on the right/below.

If you transferred your employment to Collaborative Academies from a predecessor school that was subsequently replaced by a Collaborative Academies school, the policies and procedures that were in operation at your previous school will apply where there is a contractual entitlement for this to happen.

Advice should be sought from your Local Association Secretary or Regional Centre to confirm which policy or procedure will apply to you.

Schools in the CAT chain

Willow Brook Primary School and Nursery Essex
Kingsthorpe College Northamptonshire
Lumbertubs Primary School Northamptonshire
Spring Lane Primary School Northamptonshire
Manor Court Primary School Somerset
Priorswood Primary School Somerset
Wellesley Park Primary School Somerset
Willowdown Primary Academy Somerset
Woolavington Village Primary School Somerset