Registering on the NASUWT app

Once you've downloaded the app, you'll need to complete a short registration process.

Initial log in screen

App login

Enter your email address and select “continue”. You will then be presetned with one fo three options depending on whether the user has already registered and created a password, has been pre-authorised but not created a password or has not registered for the app or had access pre-authorised.

For existing users 

App login

If you have already registered for the app and created a password, you will be asked to enter your password. Please note, the app runs independantly of the NASUWT website, so registration on the website does not create a password for the mobile phone app.

Pre-authorised users yet to create a password

App login

First time users who have been pre-authorised will be asked to create a password. This password will remain in place for the app until the user changes it. The password will not affect access to the member area of the NASUWT website.

Members not yet registered or pre-authorised

App login

If your email is not already registered on the app, you will be asked to register and create an account. This is separate to registration on the NASUWT website and will require membership to be validated before access can be granted, so there may be a short delay before access is granted. Complete the form and click Submit.

Non-members can use the contact details on this screen to join us.

Registration Confirmation

App login

Registration requests are normally verified and approved within one working day. Once you receive a confirmation email, you wil be able to log into the app when you re-open it using the login screen, as shown above.