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Why you should register

If you are a member of NASUWT, you are strongly encouraged to register your details on the website. By registering once and then logging into to the site on subsequent visits you will gain direct access to:

  1. important member-only content which is only available to members who have logged-onto the website;
  2. personalised website alerts which contain messages that are specific and directly relevant to you;
  3. Union polls, surveys and forums without the need for further registration;
  4. your NASUWT membership record enabling you to view and update your record.

The information you provide during the website registration process is, where appropriate, checked against information currently held in your membership record.

If you experience any difficulties during website registration please contact us on 0121 457 6257 during normal working hours or e-mail webregistration@mail.nasuwt.org.uk

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