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Zimbabwe struggles for free union movement continue08/06/2016 10:57

After a period in which their education system was the envy of the region, Zimbabwean teachers continue to face oppression with many physically beaten

Low-fee schools researcher detained in Uganda08/06/2016 10:47

The actions of a company providing education in Uganda has been condemned after the arrest of a Canadian researcher looking into its activities.

Imprisoned Iranian teacher temporarily free on bail18/05/2016 10:19

Esmail Abdi has been released on bail after spending months behind bars.

The NASUWT issues May Day call for release of Iranian teachers17/05/2016 18:19

The NASUWT has added its name to a May Day campaign calling on the Iranian government to release two Iranian teacher union leaders.

Bahraini teachers' leader recovering well after imprisonment10/05/2016 12:21

The President of the Bahraini Teachers’ Association (BTA) Madhi Abu Dheeb has told the NASUWT he is recovering well, following his release from prison.

Call to free jailed trade unionists in Burma18/04/2016 11:09

The NASUWT is supporting Burma Campaign UK in its call to release two trade unionists jailed for asking for a pay rise for garment workers.

New global goal for quality education agreed15/04/2016 12:01

World leaders have agreed a new set of global goals after they failed to meet the Millennium pledge to achieve universal primary education by the end of 2015.

Bahrain teachers union leader released05/04/2016 11:32

Mahdi Abu Dheeb, leader of the Bahrain teachers union, has been released from jail after five years detention.

International Solidarity Award27/03/2016 14:42

Each year the NASUWT gives an award to an overseas trade unionist who has fought to defend the rights of teachers in their country.

NASUWT continues to campaign for justice for Colombian trade unionists10/03/2016 16:22

The NASUWT continues to campaign for the release of prisoners of conscience and for justice, peace and human rights in Colombia.

NASUWT supports Turkish trade unions29/02/2016 10:14

The NASUWT joined a global trade union delegation led by the ITUC to observe and report on the 6 February court hearing of five Turkish trade union leaders accused of organising the 2014 May Day rally in Taksim Square, Istanbul.

The NASUWT welcomes the release of Djibouti teacher25/02/2016 11:14

Omar Ali Ewado, Djibouti teacher trade unionist and human rights defender, has been released.

Iranian teacher union leader unjustly imprisoned25/02/2016 10:55

Leader of the Tehran branch of the Iranian Teachers' Trade Association Esmail Abdi has received six years' imprisonment by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Court.

Campaign for justice for human rights defender in Djibouti29/01/2016 16:21

Omar Ali Ewado, Deputy General Secretary of the Union of Primary School Teachers (SEP) in Djibouti, has just been sentenced to three months in prison following what has been described as ‘relentless government harassment’ since December 2015.

Iran - Repression of Teachers Intensifies22/12/2015 10:18

NASUWT continues to campaign in support of teachers in Iran.

NASUWT writes to Bermuda Premier over plight of teachers25/11/2015 8:53

General Secretary writes letter to highlight concerns about the Bermuda Teachers' Association.

International development funds must secure universal access to quality education for all15/10/2015 9:52

The NASUWT has today published a report examining the Department for International Development’s (DFID’s) international development strategy, particularly in relation to education.

Iraq - The fight for trade union freedom continues21/08/2015 11:50

NASUWT continues to support Iraqi trade unions in their fight for democracy and trade union freedom.

NASUWT raises key issues for teachers at World Congress11/08/2015 11:06

The NASUWT took a delegation of teachers to the 7th Education International World Congress in Ottawa, Canada between 21 and 26 July 2015.

NASUWT sees devastation caused by Islamic State10/08/2015 16:08

The NASUWT has witnessed first-hand the desperate situation affecting refugees from Syria and Iraq who have fled the onslaught of the Islamic State (ISIS) since August 2014.


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