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News from across the international teacher trade union movement can be found below.

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Austerity weakening trade union rights and harming education16/04/2014 12:01

The impact of the worldwide financial crisis and the response of governments to it is having a significant effect on education around the world, according to a major study commissioned by Education International (EI) and endorsed by the NASUWT.

Manual designed to combat scourge of child labour16/04/2014 11:50

The manual is designed to be used by trade unions in policy advocacy, campaigns, training programmes and other activities.

Casualisation is threatening the teaching profession, warns EI head15/04/2014 11:40

Read an exclusive interview with Fred van Leeuwen, General Secretary of Education International.

'Take action to stamp out racism' says NASUWT on World Anti-Racism Day21/03/2014 16:03

Ministers must honour their commitment to stamp out the racism which is a blight on our schools

NASUWT Deputy General Secretary visits Ukraine to show solidarity for teacher unions13/03/2014 10:56

The situation facing teachers and their unions is extremely difficult following the brutal violence witnessed in the country in recent months, says Dr Roach

Join the campaign for Rana Plaza victims05/03/2014 9:09

The campaign to get corporate to contribute to a new compensation fund for Rana Plaza victims has started.

South Korea: Threats of deregistration of KTU25/02/2014 16:43

Education International (EI) calls on all its members to request the authorities of South Korea not to cancel the registration of the Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union (KTU/Korea) and to amend its labour rights legislation in line with the ILO recommendations.

NASUWT signs UN statement on Syria19/02/2014 10:45

The NASUWT has signed a statement on the situation facing refugee children and young people in Syria.

Support teachers in Bahrain10/01/2014 11:50

The NASUWT is calling on the regime in Bahrain to respect human rights and to end the the abuse, torture, detention and intimidation of teacher trade unionists.

NASUWT urges 'No free trade in Colombia' motion07/01/2014 10:45

The NASUWT continues to campaign for justice, peace and human rights in Columbia. The Union's President John Rimmer has recently returned from the country.

NASUWT-supported international 'designated days'07/01/2014 10:34

The NASUWT is committed to international solidarity, equality and justice for all workers. The Union will continue to mark a number of key dates in the diary, and promote these dates to members, activists and schools/colleges.

NASUWT President speaks of 'important history' between Australia and the UK17/12/2013 14:11

NASUWT President Mick Lyons has met with education trade union leaders and activists in Australia, telling them they are the “backbone” of the country’s society.

Support women’s rights in Afghanistan on International Human Rights Day10/12/2013 10:24

Amnesty International is launching two films for International Human Rights Day (10 December 2013), to highlight the plight of women in Afghanistan.

Mandela death: NASUWT sends condolences to South Africa’s teachers06/12/2013 15:04

Following the news of the death of nelson Mandela, NASUWT has written to our sister unions – SADTU, NAPTOSA, NTEU and SAOU – to express deepest condolences.

Nelson Mandela06/12/2013 9:17


International Solidarity Award03/09/2013 12:55

Each year the NASUWT gives an award to an overseas trade unionist who has fought to defend the rights of teachers in their country.

NASUWT stands in solidarity with Zimbabwe02/08/2013 14:17

The NASUWT joined a demonstration outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London to show solidarity as the country went to the polls.

Iraq - The fight for trade union freedom continues01/07/2013 10:34

NASUWT continues to support Iraqi trade unions in their fight for democracy and trade union freedom.

Zimbabwe struggles for free union movement continue19/06/2013 12:21

After a period in which their education system was the envy of the region, Zimbabwean teachers continue to face oppression with many physically beaten

Call to show solidarity with Turkish protests12/06/2013 11:45

The crackdown by the security forces against protests in Turkey continues.


Showing 1-20 of 31