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The NASUWT press office can be contacted on the details below.

Please note these numbers are for journalists only. NASUWT members seeking advice or support should contact their National Executive Member or Regional Centre (please click on the links for contact information)

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Tel: 0121 457 6250
Mobile (and out of hours contact): 07867 392 746

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E-mail: ben.padley@mail.nasuwt.org.uk
Tel: 0121 457 6269
Mobile (and out of hours contact): 07785 463 119

Sarah Cull

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Tel: 0121 457 6239
Mobile (and out of hours contact): 07920 711 069 

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Women teachers denied access to flexible working03/10/2015 13:52

Nearly half of women teachers who have requested flexible working have had their request denied by their employer, a women's conference organised by the NASUWT has heard.

NASUWT responds to Policy Council statement on pensions30/09/2015 16:04

The NASUWT comments on the latest announcement regarding teacher pensions in Guernsey

NASUWT comments on the Labour Party Conference30/09/2015 14:01

The NASUWT comments on the key messages which have emerged from the Labour Party Conference in Brighton.

Schools Policy: Where next for Labour? - NASUWT fringe at Labour Party Conference28/09/2015 20:05

The NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, has urged the Labour Party to seize the opportunity to develop a coherent and distinctive narrative on education.

Children's rights under attack28/09/2015 14:27

The NASUWT has condemned the Government’s attack on basic civil and human rights, including the right to education during an NASUWT fringe at the Labour Party Conference.

NASUWT calls for poverty summits to poverty proof the school day27/09/2015 18:38

The NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, has called on the Labour Party to help poverty proof the school day and ensure that no child is denied access to education opportunities on the basis of their parents’ ability to pay.

Education must be a fundamental human right27/09/2015 14:16

NASUWT comments on the inclusion of quality education as on of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

NASUWT comments on free school meals and nursery places commitment24/09/2015 12:15

NASUWT comments on the announcement from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that free school meals and nursery places will be protected from UK Government reforms to tax credits.

Supply teachers pledge support to Protect the Right to Strike19/09/2015 14:00

At today’s (Saturday 19 September) largest gathering of supply teachers, members of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, pledged their support to the Protect the Right to Strike campaign.

Employers of workers facing violence need to take their duty of care seriously16/09/2015 14:33

It’s wholly unacceptable that increasing numbers of teachers are reporting that they are being told that being abused and assaulted is part of the job.

NASUWT comments on new schools network proposal16/09/2015 12:36

Clearly the proposals set out by the New Schools Network are designed to grab headlines rather than to make a meaningful contribution to debates about school standards and governance.

Sustained and brutal attacks on basic rights16/09/2015 10:48

The NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, today won the support of TUC Congress in Brighton for its campaign to highlight and challenge the Government’s attacks on civil rights.

Call to end discrimination in pension survivor benefits16/09/2015 9:59

The NASUWT highlighted the discrimination faced by same sex married couples and civil partners with regard to survivor pension benefits.

Redundancy cap is an attack on public service workers15/09/2015 12:59

Teachers and other public service workers on moderate salaries will be forced to bear the brunt of unfair proposals to limit severance payments, the NASUWT, the largest teachers Union in the UK warned today.

Housing quality impacts on children's life chances14/09/2015 18:10

The NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, today contributed to the debate on the housing crisis at the TUC Congress in Brighton to highlight how the current and escalating housing crisis will have a profound and lifelong effect upon the futures of hundreds of thousands of children and young people in the UK.

Urgent action needed to address child poverty14/09/2015 11:45

The impact of poverty on children’s education is profound, the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, told delegates today at the TUC Congress in Brighton.

Call to stand up to extremism14/09/2015 10:51

The NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK today called on trade unions and others in society to continue to stand up to extremism in all its forms.

NASUWT rejects 2015-17 teachers' pay offer11/09/2015 14:07

The Salaries Committee of the NASUWT has today rejected the 2015-17 pay and conditions offer for teachers from local authority employers.

NASUWT comments on 'Stakeholder Schools' report10/09/2015 9:58

The NASUWT has welcomed the Stakeholder Schools Report by the Fabian Society as a major contribution to the debate on the future of schooling.

NASUWT comments on Ofsted's Key Stage 3 report10/09/2015 9:49

“It is increasingly important to treat Ofsted’s assertions about the quality of educational provision across the school system with some caution.


Showing 1-20 of 733