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The NASUWT press office can be contacted on the details below.

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NASUWT congratulates Iraqi trade union leader on prestigious international award10/04/2015 15:44

The NASUWT has congratulated Ahmed Jassam Salih Al-Shiblawi of the Iraqi Teachers Union (ITU) who has been announced as the winner of Education International’s Mary Hatwood Futrell Human and Trade Union Rights Award.

NASUWT welcomes Labour's commitment to educational entitlement for all children and young people09/04/2015 12:32

NASUWT comments on the launch of the Labour Party's education manifesto

Older teachers face discrimination06/04/2015 11:57

Discrimination against older teachers in schools has become an increasingly serious problem, representatives at the Annual Conference of the NASUWT have argued.

End grace-and-favour access to CPD06/04/2015 11:17

Too many employers are denying teachers the opportunity to engage in appropriate training and professional development to support high-quality classroom practice.

NASUWT denounces continued imprisonment of Bahraini teachers leader06/04/2015 11:07

The NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, has called for the unconditional release of a teachers’ trade union leader on the fourth anniversary of his imprisonment by the Bahraini authorities.

Barriers to achievement for SEN pupils raised even higher06/04/2015 11:00

Children and young people are facing even higher barriers to their achievement due to the impact of budget cuts and reforms to special educational needs.

A dreadful toll on teachers' health and wellbeing06/04/2015 10:24

More than two thirds of teachers say their job has impacted on their mental health.

Workload-intensive marking regimes blight the lives of teachers and pupils06/04/2015 9:26

Representatives at the Annual Conference of the NASUWT today condemned the imposition in too many schools of overly bureaucratic and workload-intensive marking policies, which undermine teachers’ professionalism, add to their already excessive workload and do nothing to enhance teaching and learning.

Home invasion on a grand and unacceptable scale06/04/2015 0:02

Teachers are being expected to deal with even greater numbers of work-related emails outside of school hours and even when they are on sick leave, contributing to ever higher levels of stress and excessive workload, a survey by the NASUWT has found.

Misuse of energy drinks contributing to poor pupil behaviour06/04/2015 0:02

Teachers are increasingly raising concerns about the negative impact which caffeine and energy drinks may be having on pupils’ behaviour in schools.

NASUWT condemns the continuing exploitation of supply teachers06/04/2015 0:02

Two thirds of supply teachers are being asked to sign agreements with offshore companies which allow supply agencies to avoid paying tax, a survey by the NASUWT has found.

Education system in peril due to UK Government's austerity measures05/04/2015 17:27

Northern Ireland’s sustained economic recovery will not be secured by deep cuts to the school workforce, the Annual Conference of the NASUWT has heard.

Restoring Pay and Conditions of Service05/04/2015 14:59

The effect of nearly five years of pay freezes and real-terms pay cuts, coupled with attacks on teachers’ working conditions and professionalism, is driving current teachers out of the profession and deterring new ones from joining.

Accountability regime creating culture of fear in schools05/04/2015 13:18

The high-stakes inspection and accountability regime has created a climate of fear in too many schools and is driving up stress levels and ill health among teachers, the Annual Conference of the NASUWT has heard today.

Investing in teachers is an investment in children and young people05/04/2015 9:51

Teachers at the Annual Conference in Cardiff of the NASUWT have today heard a call for investment in schools and the school workforce to be at the heart of the Welsh Government’s plans to continue to enhance the public education service in Wales.

The Coalition Government has been determined to break national frameworks of pay and conditions of service, yet even supermarket chains recognise their benefits05/04/2015 9:25

The excessive freedoms and flexibilities granted to schools by the Coalition Government are undermining children’s and young people’s entitlement to a high-quality education service, teachers at the Annual Conference of the NASUWT have argued.

Teachers subjected to professionally demeaning practices05/04/2015 0:02

There are growing concerns among teachers about the misuse of CCTV cameras and video performance systems in schools to spy on and monitor teachers, a survey by the NASUWT has found.

Coalition's social and economic policies are damaging children's education05/04/2015 0:02

A survey by the NASUWT has found teachers reporting children coming to school hungry and unable to concentrate, exhausted from living in cramped and inadequate housing and unable to afford to join in activities such as school trips.

Verbal abuse of teachers on the increase04/04/2015 16:36

Teachers are reporting increasing concerns over pupil indiscipline, a survey by the NASUWT has found.

NASUWT calls for political parties to commit to partnership working in government04/04/2015 16:20

The NASUWT has called for political parties to commit to genuine engagement, dialogue and partnership if they are elected on 7 May, in a motion debated today at the Annual Conference of the NASUWT.


Showing 1-20 of 684