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The NASUWT press office can be contacted on the details below.

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Lena Davies

E-mail: lena.davies@mail.nasuwt.org.uk
Tel: 0121 457 6250
Mobile (and out of hours contact): 07867 392 746

Ben Padley

E-mail: ben.padley@mail.nasuwt.org.uk
Tel: 0121 457 6269
Mobile (and out of hours contact): 07785 463 119

Amanda Williamson

E-mail: amanda.williamson@mail.nasuwt.org.uk
Tel: 0121 457 6239
Mobile (and out of hours contact) 0774 124 6202

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NASUWT comments on LGA school funding report27/08/2014 0:02

The NASUWT comments on a report by the Local Government Association warning of a £1bn shortfall in funding for new school places

NASUWT comments on GCSE results21/08/2014 10:30

“This year’s GCSE exam entrants have had to cope with a raft of rushed through and ill-conceived changes to the qualifications system and so today’s results are especially commendable. Congratulations must go to teachers and pupils for navigating through this difficult period of upheaval."

NASUWT comments on GCSE results in Wales21/08/2014 10:24

“Pupils and teachers are to be congratulated on their success which, as always, is the culmination of an immense amount of hard work and effort."

NASUWT comments on GCSE results in Northern Ireland21/08/2014 10:17

“Once again Northern Ireland schools have bucked the trend elsewhere in the UK. Performance across the board has risen and this is a testament to the high standards being achieved in our schools."

NASUWT comments ahead of the publication of GCSE results20/08/2014 12:47

Results will be testament to the dedication and commitment of teachers and pupils coping with an unnecessary upheaval in the GCSE system

NASUWT comments on CfE Working Group report on new National Qualifications20/08/2014 11:40

“The NASUWT is a member of the Working Group and has been arguing strongly for the urgent provision of high-quality resources and training for teachers as they contend with further implementation of qualifications reform.

NASUWT comments on A-level results14/08/2014 10:32

“It is clear that standards have been maintained across the board and credit for that must go to teachers who have, yet again, pulled out all the stops to ensure that young people are supported to achieve their best."

NASUWT comments on A-level results in Northern Ireland14/08/2014 10:28

“Teachers in Northern Ireland have achieved these results despite the fact that they continue to face serious challenges to their working conditions."

NASUWT comments on A-level results in Wales14/08/2014 10:20

“Congratulations must go to young people and their teachers who have worked so hard to deliver yet another excellent set of results."

NASUWT comments ahead of the publication of A-level results13/08/2014 9:55

“The fact is that tomorrow’s results will have been achieved despite the Government’s reforms, not because of them.”

Continuing challenges of curriculum reform cast a shadow across the new academic year13/08/2014 0:02

As schools in Scotland return for the start of the new academic year, the NASUWT has warned that teacher workload, stress and uncertainty will continue to increase as the profession struggles to implement reform.

NASUWT comments on school costs survey11/08/2014 11:17

NASUWT comments on a survey showing the costs parents face in sending their children back to school for the new academic year.

Appointment of the new chair of the School Teachers' Review Body08/08/2014 8:40

NASUWT comments on the appointment of Patricia Rice as the new chair of the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB)

NASUWT comments on Institute of Education report into free schools07/08/2014 0:03

NASUWT comments on a report showing that the pupil intake of many free schools is not representative of the communities they are located in.

NASUWT comments on Scottish exam results05/08/2014 0:01

“If teachers are to continue to be able to support pupils in achieving such high standards in public examinations, it is critical that they are given the working conditions to enable them to ensure children and young people are able to receive the highest standards of education."

70th anniversary of 1944 Education Act-time to reclaim the promise03/08/2014 0:03

NASUWT has highlighted the Coalition Government's 'broken promises' to children and young people on the anniversary of the 1944 Education Act which established a national eductaion service.

Appointment of the new chair of Ofsted31/07/2014 14:54

NASUWT comments on the appointment of David Hoare, businessman and board member of the AET academy chain, as the new chair of Ofsted.

Redundancy announcements - Shambolic process24/07/2014 12:29

Anxiety and uncertainty remains for dozens of teachers in shambolic process which has been characterised by confusion and delay

Peter Clarke's report on the 'Trojan Horse' investigation - 'an inconvenient truth for the coalition government'22/07/2014 15:09

The Report is an inconvenient truth for the Coalition Government; it exposes a litany of failures which strike at the heart of the Coalition Government’s education policy.

NASUWT comments on 'Trojan Horse' investigation report18/07/2014 17:12

Excessive freedoms and flexibilities given to schools by the Coalition Government means the school system is at the mercy of poor governance and leadership and management practices.


Showing 1-20 of 542