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The NASUWT press office can be contacted on the details below.

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Greenwich teachers on strike03/05/2016 13:44

Teachers at John Roan School in Maze Hill began the first of three planned days of strike action today.

Employers' intransigence forces teachers' strike28/04/2016 9:40

Teachers at the De La Salle School in St Helens are striking as a result of the failure of the Employer to meet their contractual obligations to teaching staff at the school.

No confidence in Government's school plans23/04/2016 13:23

The overwhelming majority of primary teachers have no confidence that the Government’s White Paper proposals for schools will tackle the teacher recruitment crisis, a conference organised by the NASUWT has heard today

STUC supports NASUWT emergency motion on Edinburgh school building crisis19/04/2016 15:00

The NASUWT today moved an emergency motion on the Edinburgh schools’ PPP crisis at STUC Congress in Dundee. The motion was passed unanimously.

NASUWT comments on launch of inquiry into sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools19/04/2016 9:42

The NASUWT responds to the launch of the first parliamentary inquiry into the scale and impact of sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools

Another example of children being denied their educational entitlements18/04/2016 11:05

"A public education system should provide basic educational entitlements for all children and young people. One such entitlement is a place in a good local school."

NASUWT comments on the IFS report into school funding18/04/2016 10:50

"The IFS report provides a wake-up call to the Government about the need to invest in schools."

Selection by stealth to exclude pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds rife in the system15/04/2016 10:24

The NASUWT comments on the new research brief from the Sutton Trust 'Caught Out'.

Edinburgh schools closure13/04/2016 12:19

NASUWT comments on the closure of a number of schools in Edinburgh over concerns about the condition of their buildings

Funding Reform Must Support All Schools12/04/2016 15:03

"“A funding system for schools that is capable of recognising local needs and circumstances and which is democratically accountable must be the best way to ensure that the needs of children and young people across very different contexts and circumstances are met."

NASUWT warnings on baseline assessment justified08/04/2016 9:45

The NASUWT comments on the announcement that baseline assessments used by primary schools will no longer be used for measuring pupil progress in subsequent years.

NASUWT welcomes release of jailed Bahraini teachers leader05/04/2016 10:58

The NASUWT is delighted at the news that a Bahraini teachers’ trade union leader has finally been released from prison.

NASUWT comments on CentreForum report04/04/2016 10:30

NASUWT comment son a report by the think-tank CentreForum which found that the pupil attainment gap remains significant.

Migrant workers earnings cap will deepen teacher supply crisis28/03/2016 11:20

Proposals to raise the minimum salary threshold for migrant workers will exacerbate the teacher recruitment and retention crisis.

Capability abuse creating 'climate of fear'28/03/2016 10:25

Abuse of capability procedures is creating a climate of fear in schools, driving teachers out of the profession and affecting their health, representatives at the Annual Conference of the NASUWT will hear today.

NASUWT calls for end to exploitation of supply teachers28/03/2016 0:02

Supply teachers are facing a raft of exploitative employment practices, including denial of entitlements on pay, pensions and working conditions, a survey by the NASUWT has found

Ministers challenged over assessment reforms27/03/2016 17:37

Government changes to the system of pupil assessment in England will drive up teachers workload still further, making a mockery of ministers’ claims to be taking action to address teacher wellbeing.

Fear of inspection being used to create climate of fear in schools27/03/2016 17:15

Too many employers are placing intense pressure on teachers by cynically using the fear of inspection to make unnecessary demands, the Annual Conference of the NASUWT has heard today.

NASUWT issues challenge to the next Stormont administration27/03/2016 15:12

The next Stormont administration must act urgently to address the growing crisis in the teaching profession, representatives at the NASUWT Annual Conference have warned.

Minsters fiddle while teachers burn out27/03/2016 14:45

Nine of out ten teachers (90%) in the NASUWT’s annual Big Question survey cited excessive workload as the greatest concern they have about their job.


Showing 1-20 of 794