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The NASUWT press office can be contacted on the details below.

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100 days to the Vote for Education27/01/2015 10:55

The NASUWT has marked 100 days to the General Election with the distribution of materials aimed at teachers, parents and the public emphasising the entitlements that our public education service should deliver for all children and young people.

NASUWT comments on the Education Select Committee's report into academy and free schools27/01/2015 10:38

"The NASUWT has made the point consistently that there is no evidence that structural change raises standards. There are outstanding academies, just as there are outstanding community and foundation schools."

Strike action set to continue at Derby school27/01/2015 10:26

Members of the NASUWT will continue with three planned days of strike action this week at Merrill Academy in Derby.

Strike action set to continue at Essex school26/01/2015 17:09

The NASUWT will proceed with three days of planned strike action at Harwich and Dovercourt High School in Harwich.

NASUWT comments on PAC report into education and training22/01/2015 14:32

"The NASUWT has warned consistently that the issues highlighted by the Public Accounts Committee would be the inevitable result of Coalition Government policy."

NASUWT comments on the Carter review of Initial teacher training19/01/2015 16:35

NASUWT responds to the publication of the Carter review of the effectiveness of initial teacher training.

NASUWT comments on headteacher standards19/01/2015 16:01

“The new standards for headteachers offer little remedy to the current challenges faced by schools and the teaching profession.”

NASUWT comments on the Northern Ireland Budget19/01/2015 15:54

"This Budget will have a profoundly devastating impact on educational provision that could damage the lives of children and young people for generations to come."

Inclusive Prosperity Commission report-education central to securing inclusive prosperity19/01/2015 13:41

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT was invited to be a UK commissioner by the Centre for American Progress, which convened a UK-US inquiry, co-chaired by US former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, to examine how to secure an economic recovery which benefits all, not just the few.

Lessons for the Coalition in international report19/01/2015 13:35

"The Government should take note of the clear message from this report that the most effective education systems are designed around students and learning, build teacher capacity and engage all learners."

Young teachers' careers being blighted by discrimination17/01/2015 13:17

Nearly half of young teachers say they have been discriminated against during their career because of their age, a conference organised by the NASUWT has heard.

Essex teachers take strike action to defend working conditions14/01/2015 12:12

Teachers at an Essex school are to begin the first of six days of strike action.

Derby teachers to strike12/01/2015 15:02

NASUWT memebrs at Merrill Academy in Derby are holding the first of six days of strike action.

Pay gap between teachers and other professions harming education12/01/2015 9:11

School teachers’ pay in England and Wales is lagging behind other graduate professions, an NASUWT report reveals.

Lessons for the Coaltion Government in parents' poll09/01/2015 10:14

A survey of parents, carried out by independent polling company ComRes and commissioned by the NASUWT, shows that the majority of parents do not share Coalition Ministers' views on many key education policy issues.

NASUWT members reject pension offer08/01/2015 15:17

NASUWT members in Guernsey have overwhelmingly rejected the States' proposed pension offer for teachers.

Christmas blighted by anxiety and fear over cuts19/12/2014 12:00

The scale of cuts proposed in the Draft Budget would have a profoundly devastating impact on educational provision in Northern Ireland.

NASUWT challenges employers in Scotland to halt 'race to the bottom' over pay19/12/2014 10:27

A significant and across-the-board above-inflation pay increase is required to ensure all children and young people receive their entitlement to be taught by highly-skilled professionals.

“Teacher recruitment and retention on the precipice of a crisis” NASUWT tells Pay Review Body18/12/2014 15:23

NASUWT argues for a substantial above-inflation pay award for teachers in 2015/16.

NASUWT calls for equity of provision for pupils and teachers in Guernsey18/12/2014 14:42

The NASUWT writes to the Education Department in Guernsey to express its concerns over the stalling of plans to rebuild the La Mare de Carteret Schools.


Showing 1-20 of 622