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The NASUWT press office can be contacted on the details below.

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Coalition's betrayal of a generation21/04/2014 12:07

Representatives at the Annual Conference of the NASUWT will today condemn the devastating impact that the Coalition Government’s austerity measures and education policies are having on young people.

Public money being abused and squandered21/04/2014 12:01

The Coalition Government’s obsession with increased school autonomy and deregulation is leading to public money being abused and squandered, the Annual Conference of the NASUWT will hear today.

Deregulation of health and safety puts pupils and staff at risk21/04/2014 11:16

The Coalition Government’s attacks on health and safety provisions are jeopardising the quality of educational provision for children and young people, representatives at the Annual Conference of the NASUWT will assert today.

Teachers face home invasion on a grand scale as a result of abuse of email21/04/2014 0:02

Teachers are being swamped with work-related emails on weekends, in holidays and even when they are on sick leave, adding to their already excessive workload and causing rising levels of stress, a survey by the NASUWT has found.

Abuse of social media rife in schools21/04/2014 0:02

Teachers are being increasingly adversely affected by the abuse of social media, a survey by the NASUWT has found.

Unjustified pensions changes will deter new recruits20/04/2014 16:08

The majority of teachers cannot afford to pay more for their pension and believe the adverse changes to teachers’ pensions will deter new recruits from entering the profession, new figures from the NASUWT show.

Teachers warn on Curriculum for Excellence20/04/2014 15:44

The introduction of the new National Qualifications has the potential to significantly disadvantage thousands of pupils across Scotland, representatives at the Annual Conference of the NASUWT in Scotland, will warn today.

Warning to Welsh Government on privatisation20/04/2014 11:30

Recommendations in the Hill Report, which have been accepted by the Welsh Government, could lead to the privatisation of schools, teachers attending the Annual Conference of the NASUWT will warn today.

Commitment to industrial action strategy reaffirmed20/04/2014 10:31

The NASUWT will today reaffirm its industrial action strategy to continue to defend the interest of teachers and the teaching profession in the run up to the General Election.

Supply teachers empowered to rate and review agencies20/04/2014 0:03

Supply teachers will now be able to rate and review supply agencies thanks to a new, independent website facility developed by the NASUWT.

Monitoring of teachers-a shocking catalogue of professional disrespect and unacceptable intrusion20/04/2014 0:02

CCTV cameras introduced in schools as a safety measure for staff and pupils are now being used to spy on teachers, a survey by the NASUWT has found

Teachers at the heart of cretaing a world-class education system in Northern Ireland19/04/2014 15:21

Punitive and bureaucratic assessment systems must be rejected by ministers in Northern Ireland, representatives at the Annual Conference of the NASUWT will argue today.

Hertfordshire teacher named Young Activist of the Year19/04/2014 15:14

Young teachers are the future of the teaching profession and lifeblood of the trade union movement says General Secretary Chris Keates in announcing winner

Pupils' educational opportunities blighted by the Coalition's social and economic policies19/04/2014 0:03

The educational opportunities of children and young people are being blighted by the impact of the Coalition’s social and economic policies, teachers are reporting.

Use of unqualified staff in schools continues to increase19/04/2014 0:02

Unqualified staff are being used deliberately by schools as cheap alternatives to qualified teachers, according to a survey by the NASUWT.

NASUWT International Solidarity Award for Ahmed Jassam Salih18/04/2014 16:49

The NASUWT has opened its Annual Conference in Birmingham by presenting its International Solidarity Award to Ahmed Jassam Salih, National President of the technical sector of the Iraqi Teachers’ Union (ITU).

New NASUWT President addresses Conference18/04/2014 15:31

Punitive inspection and accountability systems have led to an education system which ‘only values what we can measure’, the new President of the NASUWT has said.

Employers flout the law, ruin lives and cost the taxpayer millions18/04/2014 0:02

The NASUWT secured compensation of £20,652,458 for members in 2013.

Teachers set to inspect the inspectors17/04/2014 0:02

In response to the deep concerns of the teaching profession about current school inspection frameworks, the NASUWT is today launching an ‘Inspect the Inspectors’ online tool.

Teachers gather for the largest UK teachers' union conference17/04/2014 0:02

Teachers from across the UK will be gathering in Birmingham at the Annual Conference of the NASUWT over the Easter weekend to debate motions for which members from across the UK have voted.


Showing 1-20 of 493